Disney workers unions urges members to reject latest contract offer

Disney workers unions urges members to reject latest contract offer

Members of the Service Trades Council unions, which represents 45,000 Disney workers, are encouraging members to reject a new contract offer from the company.

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At issue is a pay increase for the first year of the contract.

The unions says Disney is proposing raises of $1 a year for most workers, but leaders say that is not enough to cover the increasing cost of living.

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The unions wants a $3 dollar per hour raise next year and a three-year contract.

Disney said that their offer would get all cast members to $20 per hour by the end of the contract.

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In an official statement, Disney further broke down what that means.

“This very strong offer provides our Cast Members with a nearly 10% average increase immediately and guaranteed raises for the next four years with every single non-tipped Cast Member promised at least a $20 starting wage during the contract, and the majority seeing a 33% to 46% increase during that time.”

The contract with the unions expired in October and both sides have been negotiating since then.

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