A Disney World fan surprised another parkgoer with a free, coveted popcorn bucket so they wouldn't have to wait in line to buy one

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  • Some Disney fans waited hours in line on Friday to buy limited-edition popcorn buckets at Epcot.

  • One of those fans, vlogger Jason Martin, bought one for his mom and another to give away.

  • A video he recorded of the experience now has more than 2 million views on TikTok.

Some Disney World parkgoers spent hours waiting in lines this weekend to purchase limited-edition popcorn buckets shaped like the beloved theme-park character Figment.

So it came as a shock to some people when Jason Martin, a local Disney World fan and content creator who goes by @tattoodisneydad, decided to give away the coveted merchandise to another parkgoer for free.

A video he took of the experience had more than 2 million views on TikTok at the time of writing.

Speaking with Insider, Martin said he was at Epcot on Friday because he had been doing a "Disney-every-day challenge" with his followers — during which he let them decide where he should go each day of January — when one suggested he visit the opening day of Epcot's Festival of the Arts.

To kick off that task, he chose to wait in line for a popcorn bucket because his mom has loved Figment "pretty much her whole life."

"She's had two different dogs named Figment, and her birthday happened to be the day before," he said. "I thought, 'What a perfect gift to go and get her this bucket and have it when she gets to Florida.'"

He arrived at the park one hour before it opened, and waited with hundreds of others to enter. Once inside, he spent another three hours in line to purchase two of the buckets — the limit Disney had instated.

But because Martin had a handful of friends who also wanted one, as he told Insider, the pressure to pick one led him to feel anxious. He even started "to have an anxiety attack" after he left the line and sat down to eat a snack.

Luckily, another parkgoer approached him, and their short conversation about the popcorn buckets inspired him to gift it to someone who "might not have the opportunity to get it" if it sold out.

He happened to capture the moment on video, and also shared it on his TikTok account.


I wanted to share the moment I knew what to do with the 2nd figment. The man that spoke to me doesn’t know that he saved me from an anxiety attack.

♬ Up - Movie Theme - Giampaolo Pasquile

When looking for the perfect candidate, Martin said he first asked Disney World employees if there were any parkgoers in line who had been particularly nice to them. When they couldn't find the person they were looking for, he began looking for someone who was alone and seemed to be "a true fan of Figment."

"I was nervous about the situation," he said. "I basically handed it to her and immediately turned around and started walking away. I wasn't trying to do this for attention."

One person who commented on Martin's TikTok video claimed to have been in line behind the woman, and said the recipient stayed in line to purchase another bucket for a friend.

While Martin said he hasn't heard from the women specifically and doesn't know if she actually purchased more — either for a friend or resale purposes — he's happy that his experience may have inspired others to spread kindness at the theme park.

"If I played a role in spreading that positivity, then even the negative comments on TikTok are worth it," he said.

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