Disneyland Paris: Man falls in Adventureland lake, spawns 130-person search party

A Swiss man went missing after falling into a lake at Disneyland Paris this weekend, spawning a 130-person search party that ended with him being found naked. 

The 32-year-old, who remains unidentified, was visiting the park with his girlfriend on Friday when he fell into the Adventureland lake, which surrounds a Peter Pan-themed children's play area.

His girlfriend alerted the park when he didn't immediately resurface from the water. She later told police she had given her boyfriend LSD just before he disappeared, according to Le Parisien.

Theme park officials began looking for the potentially hallucinating man, spawning a massive rescue mission. The search party included 30 firefighters, 10 divers, 80 park employees, several dogs and a helicopter with a thermal camera, French outlet L'Express reported

The man was ultimately found at around 1 a.m. Saturday morning — more than a mile away from the theme park. He was completely naked.

"He was walking in the middle of the road. He did not have a centimeter of cloth on him and he walked barefoot," the driver who found the man told Le Parisien. "I stopped, got out of the car and went to meet him."

The driver then drove the man to his home, gave him some clothes and brought him back to the park.

"He had scratches on his legs and arms,” the driver said. "He did not remember anything."

Once they were reunited, the missing man and his girlfriend were taken into custody for illegal narcotics use. They were released later in the day on Saturday.