Disneyland's Halloween Desserts Celebrate Movies Like 'The Haunted Mansion' And 'Coco'

Madison Flager
Photo credit: Patrick Ward

From Delish

Walk through Disneyland right now and you'll see all kinds of Halloween decorations: pumpkins, ghosts, and Oogie Boogie everything, namely. And if you walk into just about any bakery or restaurant, you'll likely find at least one spooked-out treat. In case you haven't noticed, Disney goes big when it comes to holidays.

We were lucky enough to see alllll the Halloween treats Disneyland has to offer in one fell swoop, from the ones celebrating the Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary to the Coco-inspired Day of the Dead treats. You can see each one come to life in the video above (and compare them to Disney World's options) but first, here are three of our favorites.

Coco Cake; Paradise Garden Grill

Photo credit: Patrick Ward

You had me at churro-flavored cake. A lovely baker from the Central Bakery team—the people responsible for making, oh, 90 percent of the desserts throughout the entire Disneyland Resort—told me this gorgeous Coco cake is made with alternating layers of churro cake and vanilla sponge cake. In between, they slather on cinnamon mousse and dot it with crunchy white chocolate bits. The frosting? Cream cheese, of course.

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The Wedding Cake; French Market

Photo credit: Patrick Ward

In honor of the Haunted Mansion's half-century anniversary, bakers created a cake that's a little darker than usual. The cake itself starts out traditional enough: vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, and layers of cherry in between. But the splatter of red "blood" on top is a little less PG than we're used to seeing. Hey, Constance did hack away at her husband.

Sweet Potato Hand Pie; Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

Photo credit: Patrick Ward

This cute, portable hand pie looks a bit like a homemade Pop-Tart. We like it because it fits into the fall theme without adding another pumpkin-flavored food to the must-try list. Outside, there's a flaky, buttery crust with toasted marshmallows and orange-colored vanilla icing. Inside, there's creamy sweet potato filling. What more could you want?

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