Disney's Avengers Campus At California Adventure Officially Open

Alex Biston reports from California Adventure on fans' excitement and reaction to the new Avengers Campus.

Video Transcript

- Jasmine, even a pandemic couldn't defeat the Avengers. The new Marvel superhero campus is now open at Disney's California Adventure. KCAL9's Alex Biston takes us there.

ALEX BISTON: The opening of the new Avengers Campus was delayed almost a year because of the pandemic, so Disney fans had to be patient. But they say it was worth the wait.

- Oh my god! Ay, we're here!

ALEX BISTON: It's a day of superhero-sized emotions for Disney fan Mike Avelino.

MIKE AVELINO: When they opened the gates, there were tears.

ALEX BISTON: The Burbank resident was one of the first to set foot in the brand new Avengers Campus at Disney's California Adventure Theme Park. Avelino says he's seen every single Avengers movies on opening night. So to be here on opening day.

MIKE AVELINO: Me and my group were all on multiple computers, devices, all refreshing to get in. We were lucky enough to get today.

ALEX BISTON: But of course, on opening day, you can expect this-- large crowds of masked fans waiting in extra long lines.


The six-acre experience allows fans to be surrounded by Marvel superheroes. Hop on new attractions like Spider-Man's WEB Slingers, and feast at new dining spots like Pym Test Kitchen from the movie "Antman and the Wasp" and Shawarma Palace, a food cart inspired by the Avengers.

- Growing up watching the series, and now you finally just get to, like, be here and experience everything that's come from it. So it's really awesome.

ALEX BISTON: Disneyland opened both theme parks to California residents on April 30 after closing last March due to the pandemic. Now safety protocols are in place around the park.

MIKE AVELINO: There's markers all over the ground. They're all themed with Avengers logos. Even at the meet-and-greets with the characters, you're socially distanced.

ALEX BISTON: Nonetheless, it's a superhero land brought to life for some of Marvel's biggest fans. And after a tough year and a half, some say spending a day under the sun at the happiest place on Earth just might be the e-ticket.

MIKE AVELINO: This is huge to be in here and experiencing it all.

ALEX BISTON: Alex Biston, "KCAL9 News."

- Wow, looks like fun.

- They are so lucky.