Disney's 'Launchpad' series puts diverse stories on screen

Launchpad is now streaming on Disney Plus.

Video Transcript

- And action.


- It's just like a dream.

- How would you go about finding your filmmakers? Because this is not the platform usually think of, to go find some experimental films.

PHILLIP DOMFEH: It's a rigorous process of reviewing scripts, reviewing short films, meeting with filmmakers, interviewing them. And identifying the things that we think really resonate, have heart of really personal and that we just feel the burden that they need to be told.


- This is not normal, Toshiba.


HOSEA SANDERS: You talk to me about the diversity and why does so important. You really, knocked it out of the park with these films.

MAHIN IBRAHIM: I will say one really exciting thing about the program, is that each director collaborated with creative executive mentors across the company. And so they took our filmmakers talent, and really amplified and uplifted it. And so training these shorts with the same love and attention way they do. For example, on "The Mandalorian."


PHILLIP DOMFEH: I couldn't be more proud. I mean, really, it's an honor to get to work with them. It's an honor to get to uplift artists with just really beautiful life affirming stories. And I think, in a time like this, that's the space that you want to be in. Season two is Direc say, on and popping. And again, these applications are open through early June, and I cannot wait to see what stories come our way this time.

- For the first time, I didn't feel so unloved.


(SINGING) Let the song that sing let carry you blow, let the words be with stayed to you. Oh, oh.

HOSEA SANDERS: Hosea Sanders, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.