Displaced Ukrainians crowd for aid in Dnipro


STORY: A large crowd, including many elderly people, gathered as the church prepared to open its gates.

The conflict in Ukraine has caused a humanitarian crisis and displaced an estimated 10 million people, nearly a quarter of the country's population, according to the United Nations.

Leysa is a volunteer for the organization helping to provide the aid.

"This assistance is provided by the charitable organization Caritas-Spes. All these people are displaced persons to whom we provide assistance by Caritas. People want to eat, people are tired, and we are volunteers here."

Russia has turned its fire power on Ukraine's east and south after failing to take the capital of Kyiv in the north in March. The offensive has been met with commitments by Western powers for tougher sanctions as well as supplies of heavier weapons to Ukraine, including air defence systems and long-range artillery.