Dissent mounts against Sri Lankan government

STORY: Sri Lanka is hit by its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 and is on the brink of its first debt default.

The streets of the national capital have been witnessing a sea of protesters every day for more than a week.

Protesters gathered around the old parliament building to voice their agitation severe shortage of necessities like fuel and food items.

They also demonstrated the "blind game" to uphold a picture of how the government is partial and blinded towards who it serves.

"The people should continue the struggle and hopefully the government will eventually give in," said protestor Dinok.

Galle Face has been home to peaceful protests against the failing government since April 9.

Locals have been accusing President Rajapaksa's government of corruption and fund mismanagement. This has paved the way for the general public to demand the stepping down of Rajapaksa from the presidential role.