District Governor visits Ada Sunrise Rotary

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Jul. 23—Rotary International District 5770 Governor Conni Eckstein visited Ada Sunrise Rotary Friday at the Aldridge ballroom in downtown Ada.

Eckstein, a retired mechanical professional engineer, delivered a message of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

"This year is historic for Rotary International," Eckstein said," because we have our first female president, Jennifer Jones. Rotary has been around for 117 years, and she is the first female president, but as she says, she will not be the last. She's a very positive person, very personable.

"The theme this year," Eckstein continued, "is 'Imagine Rotary,' which is taken from John Lennon's song 'Imagine.' So we encourage all Rotarians this year to imagine what Rotary can be globally, in the district, and most importantly, at the club level."

Eckstein says she likes to think of the Rotary initiative of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a tree.

"At the base of the tree, we're all humans. As Rotarians, what we look for are hearts of service. Then the tree takes off and it branches everywhere," Eckstein said. "We've got different religions, different races, different thoughts and ideas, different things that people are. And as Rotarians, we should look for those qualities that bring that heart of service to us."

Eckstein is from Norman.