District to repair portion of private road plagued by potholes that leads to school

Relief is coming for some drivers in Fort Mill who travel along Farmhouse Drive near Regent Parkway.

Entrance to Fort Mill school on private road needs repair: Who’s responsible?

The school district is expected to repair part of the pothole-riddled road that leads to one of its schools this summer.

However, the rest of the road will not get fixed.

“(Potholes are) so bad that if you drive through them, you run the risk of wrecking your car, or if you avoid them, you’re driving into ongoing traffic,” said Nicole Ford, a parent.

Ford said she tries to avoid the road hazards when she drives her son to Sugar Creek Elementary School.

“There are also children who walk to school and ride their bikes, so God forbid, you’re trying to swerve hitting a pothole and you hit a kid, or student, or a parent,” the mother told Channel 9.

In 2020, Channel 9 investigated parents’ complaints and learned the road is privately owned.

At that time, the owner’s wife said they should not be responsible for the road because they don’t use it and are not responsible for the damage.

“I was surprised to hear it is such a long, ongoing issue that hasn’t had a solution yet,” Ford said.

A spokesman for Fort Mill Schools said Wednesday that the district has been looking into parents’ concerns.

However, the process has been time-consuming.

“We have just recently completed the process with York County to allow the district to begin repairs to a portion of the road that will allow for better access into Sugar Creek Elementary School,” said Joe Burke, spokesman for Fort Mill Schools.

County officials said those repairs will only impact Farmhouse Drive from the school up to about Laurent Avenue.

The most dangerous potholes would not be repaired, Ford said.

“I just wish the community will come together and find a solution to the issue,” Ford said.

The district said parents can take a back way to avoid Star Light Drive, Burke said.

Channel 9 tried to reach out to the last known owner of the road and hasn’t heard back.

The bid process for the repairs hasn’t begun so there is no word on how much they will cost.

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