District wrestling titles for Cardinal Gibbons, Cypress Bay, Doral, Somerset, South Dade, St. Thomas

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Miami Herald Staff Reports
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At the wrestling district tournaments last week, South Dade regrouped from its GMAC defeat to beat Southwest.

Cardinal Gibbons, Cypress Bay, Doral Academy, Somerset, St. Thomas Aquinas also won district team titles as the road to state in Kissimmee continues this week with regionals.

Individually, the Top 4 in each weight class at districts (with some added wild card berths) advance to regionals.


This is the toughest district in the state.

South Dade, with Coach Victor Balmeceda, avenged a GMAC tournament loss to Southwest by winning its 20th consecutive district team title.

Trailing by 11.5 points at districts, South Dade stormed ahead of Southwest in the finals. The Buccaneers boasted seven district champs, four district runners-up, one third place and one fourth place finish.

Team scores: 1. South Dade 229; 2. Southwest 221.5; 3. Columbus 149; 4. Palmetto 71; 5. Coral Gables 65; 6. Coral Reef 48.5; 7. Braddock 44.5; 8. Ferguson 13.

Individual results: 106: 1. Christian Guzman of Columbus; 2. Luis Acevedo of South Dade; 3. Gabriel Tellez of Southwest Miami. 113: 1. Adrian Morales of South Dade; 2. Kevin Placer of Southwest Miami; 3. Anthony Madriz of Coral Reef; 4. Cameron Gallivan of Miami Palmetto; 5. Noah Sanabria of Braddock; 6. Jetahj Rolle of Ferguson. 120: 1. Daniel Martinez of Southwest Miami; 2. Corey Gallivan of Miami Palmetto; 3. Joshua Aviles of South Dade; 4. Hector Zumbado of Braddock; 5. David Tellez of Ferguson. 126: 1. Robert Dusendang of Southwest Miami; 2. Misha Arbos of South Dade; 3. Aiden Gasper of Columbus; 4. Angel Fernandez of Miami Palmetto; 5. Emmanuel Hernandez of Braddock; 6. Dante Morales of Ferguson. 132: 1. Sebastian Melguizo of Southwest Miami; 2. Gavin Balmeceda of South Dade; 3. Gavin Buck of Columbus; 4. Na`Kuise Riley of Miami Palmetto; 5. Julian Sepulveda of Ferguson; 6. Jacob Diaz of Coral Reef. 138: 1. Alex Couto of South Dade; 2. Frank Lopez of Braddock; 3. Favian Oliva of Southwest Miami; 4. Matt Alemany of Ferguson; 5. Jaime Rodriguez of Columbus; 6. Helton Carraceo of Miami Palmetto. 145: 1. Adrian Neco of South Dade; 2. Dylan Mira of Columbus; 3. Lester Martinez of Southwest Miami; 4. Julian Rocha of Braddock; 5. Nick Blandino of Miami Palmetto; 6. Victor Ruizz of Ferguson.

152: 1. Cordell White of South Dade; 2. Adrian Ochoa of Southwest Miami; 3. Jaurice Seymour of Coral Gables; 4. Ronald Butler of Miami Palmetto; 5. Tye Ramirez of Columbus; 6. Nick Nanni of Braddock. 160: 1. Brandon Moreno of Southwest Miami; 2. Keith Crouse of South Dade; 3. Kendrick Hodge of Coral Gables; 4. Rocco Dascoli of Columbus; 5. Armando Cardona of Miami Palmetto; 6. Jean Rodriguez of Braddock. 170: 1. Joshua Swan of South Dade; 2. Gabriel Vilchez of Southwest Miami; 3. Guy Toussaint of Columbus; 4. Johan Budel of Coral Gables; 5. Jason Munoz of Braddock; 6. Ivan Nadal of Coral Reef. 182: 1. Creig Silimon of South Dade; 2. Ansel Cervantes of Southwest Miami; 3. Joshua Marquez of Columbus; 4. George Montero of Coral Reef; 5. Camilo Gil of Coral Gables; 6. Adrian Gonzalez of Braddock. 195: 1. Sawyer Bartelt of South Dade; 2. Jeremiah Mauras of Southwest Miami; 3. Jose Cardenas of Coral Gables; 4. Richard Alexander of Miami Palmetto; 5. Daniel Vanarman of Columbus; 6. Jonathan Sampeze of Braddock. 220: 1. Christian Llauger of Coral Reef ; 2. Gian Rodriguez of Columbus; 3. Nathan Budier of Miami Palmetto; 4. Jonathan Fraga of Southwest Miami; 285: 1. Derrick Hart of Columbus; 2. Adrian Sans of Southwest Miami; 3. Daniel Padron of Coral Gables; 4. Jaden Salgado of South Dade; 5. Darius Tyler of Coral Reef; 6. Alex Geffrard of Miami Palmetto.

Next is their Class 3A regional championship on Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday at Coral Park High School. It’s usually two days, but because of COVID-19 protocols, the tournament is split into smaller sessions over two or three days.

Southwest: The GMAC champs and district runners-up see all 14 wrestlers move onto regionals.

Danny Martinez (120), Robert Dusendang (126), Sebastian Melguizo (132) and Brandon Moreno (160) won district titles for the Eagles.

Columbus: The Explorers placed third behind powers South Dade and Southwest. Columbus qualified 10 wrestlers to regionals.

Leading the charge, Christian Guzman at (106) and Derrick Hart (285) won district championships. Dylan Mira (145) and Gian Rodriguez (220) were district runners-up.

Cypress Bay High School wrestling won a 3A district title.
Cypress Bay High School wrestling won a 3A district title.


Cypress Bay won the district title.

A banner day for the Lightning with eight individual district champs, two seconds and two thirds.

Cypress Bay: 106 Andrew Punzalan district champ; 113 Gabriel Herrera district champ; 120 Jordan Escarra district champ; 126 Diego Meijer third; 132 Yazan Alnablsi second; 138 Connor Ivory district champ; 145 Rafael Diniz district champ; 152 Erik Rodriguez district champ; 160 Justin Jensen district champ; 170 Darrion Rodriguez third; 220 Jared Campbell second; 285 Javier Veras district champ. All advance to regionals.

Coach Allen Held is in his eighth year at Cypress Bay, winning seven district titles. Prior, he coached at South Broward when the Bulldogs won nine district titles in 12 seasons.

Miramar: The Patriots were district runners-up. Shemar Barthelus (170), Daniel Jean Charles (195) and Imari Milton (220) won district championships. Miramar qualified 12 wrestlers for regionals.

Krop: The Lightning placed third at districts with eight region qualifiers.

They are: 126 Jerry Molina district champ; 182 Tomas lado district champ; 120 Andre Pierre district runner-up; 138 Chrisromel Brigarde district runner-up; 145 Eleazar Herrera district runner-up; 285 Julius Weaver district runner-up; 152 Jason Pifferrer third; 195 Wesner Maingrette third.

Doral Academy High School wrestling won a 3A district title.
Doral Academy High School wrestling won a 3A district title.


Doral Academy won the district team title, and Barbara Goleman was runner-up.

The Firebirds, with Coach Alexis de Armas, had three individual champions, four runners-up, three in third, and one in fourth. That gives them 11 wrestlers advancing to regionals.

Doral: 113 Julian Montero district champ; 130 Jose Gutierrez district runner-up; 126 Omar Corrales district runner-up; 132 Enrique Sanchez district champ; 145 Enzo Santoro district runner-up; 152 D’Angelo Romero third; 160 Roger Arocha district champ; 170 Gabriel Beracasa third; 182 Michael Gonzalez fourth; Hwt Alexis Mendizabal third.


Team: 1. Boca Raton-Olympic Heights 245.5; 2. Lake Worth-Park Vista 112; 3. Deerfield Beach 104; 4. Delray Beach-Atlantic 67; 5. Boca Raton 66; 6. Boca Raton-Spanish River 26; 7. West Boca Raton 24; 8. Santaluces 9; 10. Marjory Stoneman Douglas DNC.

Deerfield Beach: 113 Phong Trang district runner-up; 126 Ryan Anderson district champ; 132 Gael Garcia third; 138 Ordel Maragh sixth; 152 Djhondinio Cherancy district champ; 182 Kenneth Scott district runner-up; 220 Kayden Pierre district runner-up; 285 Courtney Bucknell district runner-up.

The Bucks travel to West Palm Beach-Forest Hill High School on Friday and Saturday for regionals.


St. Thomas Aquinas added another district title in its rich history of high school wrestling - The Band of Brothers.

The Raiders celebrated eight district champions, two district runners-up, two third place finishers and a fourth place wrestler.

This marks the 33rd district team championship for St. Thomas Aqujinas wrestling, under the direction of coaches Gerry Braun and Sam Patascil.

Team: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 229.5; 2. McArthur 136; 3. Archbishop McCarthy 112; 4. Dillard 84; 5. Hollywood Hills 51; 6. Norland 37.

Individual results: 106: 1. Gabriel Recio of McArthur; 2. Rahsaan Robinson of Miami Norland. Championship: Gabriel Recio (McArthur) 14-6, Jr. over Rahsaan Robinson (Miami Norland) 10-3, Fr. (Dec 13-7). 113: 1. Amari Lewis of Archbishop McCarthy; 2. Carter Bass of St. Thomas Aquinas; 3. Johnathan King of Hollywood Hills; 4. Alisha Francois of Dillard; 5. Tyrell Coleman of Miami Norland. Championship: Amari Lewis (Archbishop McCarthy) 18-11, Fr. over Carter Bass (St. Thomas Aquinas) 17-6, Sr. (Dec 6-5). Third Place: Johnathan King (Hollywood Hills) 4-4, So. over Alisha Francois (Dillard) 1-3, Sr. (Fall 2:45). 120: 1. Jaden Villalobos of Archbishop McCarthy; 2. Brock Coburn of St. Thomas Aquinas; 3. Roody Bordes of Miami Norland. Championship: Jaden Villalobos (Archbishop McCarthy) 32-3, Sr. over Brock Coburn (St. Thomas Aquinas) 11-4, Jr. (Fall 1:11). 126: 1. William Simpson of Archbishop McCarthy; 2. Jeremy Anderson of McArthur; 3. Michael Szymanik of St. Thomas Aquinas. Championship: William Simpson (Archbishop McCarthy) 24-12, Jr. over Jeremy Anderson (McArthur) 14-6, Sr. (Inj. 3:28). 132: 1. Ethan Wigutow of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Luis Rosa of Archbishop McCarthy; 3. Brandon Diaz-Valentin of McArthur; 4. Samuel Gabelus of Dillard. Championship: Ethan Wigutow (St. Thomas Aquinas) 15-4, Jr. over Luis Rosa (Archbishop McCarthy) 20-7, Fr. (Fall 6:00). Third Place: Brandon Diaz-Valentin (McArthur) 13-8, So. over Samuel Gabelus (Dillard) 6-6, Sr. (Fall 1:36). 138: 1. Frank Messina of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Matthieu Fleurinord of Dillard; 3. Roman Wilson of McArthur; 4. Inson Guerrier of Miami Norland; 5. Adan Hernandez of Archbishop McCarthy. Championship: Frank Messina (St. Thomas Aquinas) 22-2, Sr. over Matthieu Fleurinord (Dillard) 15-6, Sr. (Fall 2:33). Third Place: Roman Wilson (McArthur) 12-7, So. over Inson Guerrier (Miami Norland) 10-8, So. (Fall 2:21). 145: 1. Daniel Quiroz-Cerceda of Archbishop McCarthy; 2. Rashad Hannon of McArthur; 3. Shamarii Green of Dillard; 4. Joel Sanchez of St. Thomas Aquinas; 5. Gabriella Gutierrez of Hollywood Hills. Championship: Daniel Quiroz-Cerceda (Archbishop McCarthy) 30-5, Sr. over Rashad Hannon (McArthur) 7-8, Jr. (Fall 4:39). Third Place: Shamarii Green (Dillard) 14-7, Sr. over Joel Sanchez (St. Thomas Aquinas) 8-4, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

152: 1. Termaine Pugh of McArthur; 2. Patrick McNamara of Archbishop McCarthy; 3. Peter O`Neil of St. Thomas Aquinas; 4. Harry Kelley of Dillard; 5. Dantae Anderson of Hollywood Hills. Championship: Termaine Pugh (McArthur) 14-5, Sr. over Patrick McNamara (Archbishop McCarthy) 12-8, Jr. (For.). Third Place: Peter O`Neil (St. Thomas Aquinas) 15-7, Jr. over Harry Kelley (Dillard) 2-7, Fr. (Inj. 0:00). 160: 1. Skyler Hall of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Holden Hodgdon of McArthur; 3. Johnathan Onesemiuc of Hollywood Hills; 4. Jordan Bailey of Miami Norland. Championship: Skyler Hall (St. Thomas Aquinas) 16-5, Sr. over Holden Hodgdon (McArthur) 4-6, So. (Fall 0:59). Third Place: Johnathan Onesemiuc (Hollywood Hills) 5-4, Jr. over Jordan Bailey (Miami Norland) 7-3, Jr. (Fall 2:03). 170: 1. Nicolas Rodriguez of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Kevin Madrid of Hollywood Hills; 3. Julius Cunningham of Dillard; 5. Reginald Louis of Miami Norland. Championship: Nicolas Rodriguez (St. Thomas Aquinas) 13-6, Fr. over Kevin Madrid (Hollywood Hills) 3-3, Sr. (Fall 1:27). 182: 1. Michael Moss of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Yamari Royes of Dillard; 3. David Descheene of Hollywood Hills; 4. Amari Taylor of Miami Norland; 5. Michael Hernandez of Archbishop McCarthy. Championship: Michael Moss (St. Thomas Aquinas) 21-0, Sr. over Yamari Royes (Dillard) 18-2, Sr. (MD 12-1). Third Place: David Descheene (Hollywood Hills) 5-2, Sr. over Amari Taylor (Miami Norland) 2-2, Jr. (Fall 0:23). 195: 1. Derek Groves of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Semaj McClain of Dillard. Championship: Derek Groves (St. Thomas Aquinas) 12-3, Fr. over Semaj McClain (Dillard) 8-8, Fr. (Fall 3:59). 220: 1. Jordan Smith of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Kendarius Frazier of McArthur. Championship: Jordan Smith (St. Thomas Aquinas) 13-3, Jr. over Kendarius Frazier (McArthur) 7-11, Fr. (Fall 1:19). 285: 1. Riccardi Joseph of St. Thomas Aquinas; 2. Kevin Magrinat of McArthur; 3. Marc Soel of Dillard; 4. David Capers of Miami Norland. Championship: Riccardi Joseph (St. Thomas Aquinas) 7-3, Jr. over Kevin Magrinat (McArthur) 19-4, Sr. (Fall 1:55). Third Place: Marc Soel (Dillard) 6-7, Sr. over David Capers (Miami Norland) 9-8, Jr. (Fall 1:55).

Regionals are Friday and Saturday at Archbishop McCarthy High School.

Cardinal Gibbons High School wrestling won a 1A district title.
Cardinal Gibbons High School wrestling won a 1A district title.


The host Chiefs won another district title. That makes 33 district team championships in their storied history, first for first-year coach Jamel Morris, a former Cardinal Gibbons wrestling standout.

Eleven wrestlers won district championships for the Chiefs. Two were runners-up, and one finished fourth.

Team: 1. Cardinal Gibbons 242.5; 2. Plantation 147; 3. Coral Springs Charter 87; 4. Coconut Creek 37; 5. Stranahan 10.

Cardinal Gibbons: Peyton Vargas (106), Nicholas Yancey (113), Matthew Palermo (120), Sajid Mabud (126), Diego Peralta (132), Tyler Cabral (138), Christain Yancey (145), Robert Limperis (152), Richard Tauriello (170), Austin Cooper (182), and Jertivas Black (285) won district championships. Grant Cooper (195) and Danil Korochenskiy (160) were runners-up, and Dominic Pantuso (220) placed fourth.

Somerset High School wrestling won a 1A district title.
Somerset High School wrestling won a 1A district title.


The host Panthers won their eighth consecutive district team title.

In 10 seasons at Somerset, Coach Joe Blassuci’s Somerset team was district runner-up twice, before winning those eight straight championships.

At the latest district tournament, the Panthers sent 13 wrestlers to regionals with 11 district champions and two runners-up.

Somerset: 106 Christian Fretwell district champ; 113 Matthew Velasco district champ; 120 EJ Solis district champ; 126 Raymond Greene second; 132 Skyler Caban district champ; 138 Chase Gillis district champ; 145 Bas Diaz district champ; 152 Darian Estevez district champ; 160 Chris Estrada district champ; 170 Danny Diaz second; 182 Sean Concepcion district champ; 195 Josh Oyeneye district champ; 285 Matthew Jimenez district champ.

Mater Lakes Academy: The Bears were runners-up and qualified 12 to regionals. District Champs: Sophomore Luis Arboleda (126); 8th Grader Achilles Rocha (170); Sophomore Branden Marrero (220).

Regionals are Friday and Saturday in Jensen Beach.


Palmetto 15, Ferguson 0: WP Mel Vizcaino (2-1); LP K.Almond; Olivia Rapp 3-3, 2 2B, HR, 3 Runs, 4 RBI; Alyssa Sedler 1-1, 1 Run; Isabella Martinez 1-3, HR, 1 Run, 2 RBI. PLM 2-1.

Doral 13, Archbishop McCarthy 2: Lauren Breaux & Ana Richiez allowed 2 runs in six innings for win. Richiez, Kassandra Machado and Meghan Neto homered. Anabela Abdullah had three hits and 2 RBI.


Braddock 8, South Dade 2: WP Chris Orduña 5 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 4 BB, 8 K; Jose Hernandez 2-3, 2B, 2 R, RBI, BB, SB; Mel Rubiera 3-4, R, RBI, BB; Victor Davila 2-4, HR, 2 R, 3 RBI.

Coral Springs Charter 14, Nova 4: Damian Rodriguez 3-4, 2 3B; 4 Runs, 2 RBI, 1 BB; Nathan Maestre 2-4, 3B, 5 RBI

Girls’ tennis

American Heritage 7, Coral Springs Charter 0: 1. Natalie Block d. Juhnyee See 8-0; 2. Sangee Prieto d. Kayla Humphrey 8-0; 3. Katelyn Gramanzini d. Madisen Clark 8-2; 4. Jacklyn Daynovsky d. Madeleine Barbanes 8-6; 5. Livia Kaufman d. Ella Carmell 8-1. Doubles: 1. Natalie B./Sangee P. d. Juhnyee S./Madeleine B. 6-4; 2. Katelyn G./Livia K. d. Kayla H./Madisen C. 7-5.

Boys’ tennis

American Heritage 7, Coral Springs Charter 0: 1. Daniel Naylor d. Juhnhou See 8-5; 2. Elliot Starkman d. Santiago Garcia Castillo 8-2; 3. Charles Goldwyn d. Derrick Lai 8-0; 4. Anirudh Lingaraju d. Justin Humphrey 8-0; 5. Nathan Debs d. Sridhyan Paruchuru 8-0. Doubles: 1. Daniel N./Elliot S. d. Juhnhou S./Santiago G. 8-6; 2. Charles G./Anirudh L. d. Derrick L./Justin H. 8-0.

Girls’ lacrosse

Palmetto 10, Cooper City 4: Allie Gould 1G, 1A, 2 Groundballs; Gabi Rousseau 2G, 1A, 3 Groundballs; Vanessa Serrano 3G, 3A, 3 Groundballs; Rylee Endara 3 Groundballs; Samantha Berlan 2G, 3 Groundballs, 5 Draw Controls; Ana Martinez 1G, 2 Groundballs; Emma Behar 1G, 1A, 2 Groundballs, 6 Draw Controls.

Boys’ lacrosse

Gulliver Prep 13, Westminster Christian 9: GP (4-0): Ryan Noyes 3 Goals, 2 Assists; Tyler Cancio 2G, 2A; Tanner Jenkins 2G, 2A; Kyle Goldberg 2G, 1A; Max Herskowitz 3 takeaways, 5 groundballs. WC (0-2): Matthew Handel 4G, 1A; Ryan Penton 2 takeaways, 4 groundballs.

Girls’ water polo

Pines Charter 27, Cooper City 8: Stella Dioguardi (PC) 12 goals, Kathia Jaramilo (PC) 10, Victoria Chacon (CC) 4.

Boys’ water polo

Cooper City 28, Pines Charter 4: Alex Licht (CC) 6 goals, Nick Gomez (CC) 5, Tyler Flowers (CC) 4, Matthew Donyegro 4 (CC), Tanner Gibson (PC) 2.

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Roundup compiled

by Jim Varsallone