"House Of The Dragon" Episode 8 Will Feature A Time Jump And More New Actors

There are only three episodes left in Season 1 of House of the Dragon — let's take a dive into the Episode 8 trailer!

It opens with a ship arriving in King's Landing.

A ship sails toward the Red Keep

It's hard to make out whose ship it is. But from what we see later in the trailer, I'm guessing it's Vaemond Velaryon's — the brother of Corlys.


Then we see Otto standing in front of the Iron Throne saying, "As hand, I speak with the king's voice on this and all other matters."

Otto stands in front of the Iron Throne

Which suggests that Viserys is indisposed. Is he too ill to take the throne, or has his body finally given out on him and he's died?


A stone-faced Rhaenyra stands in the Throne Room with what looks like an older Jacaerys and one of Daemon's twins behind her.

Rhaenyra looks serious in a crowd

So we have another time jump! This one looks as if it's been at least five years, possibly more.


We get another shot of Otto in his element.

Otto in front of the Iron Throne

Then we hear Rhaenys say, "Tomorrow, the Hightowers land their first blow," over this shot of Rhaenyra looking quite concerned.

Rhaenyra near the Iron Throne

And then we get this shot of the Hightowers themselves — aka Team Green — gathered together.

Alicent stands with her children and father

That looks like Ser Criston in the background, while Alicent and Otto stand with the older versions of Alicent's children, Aegon, Aemond, and Helaena.

Alicent, notably, is dressed and standing in a very pious manner, with the seven-pointed star of the Faith of the Seven in prominent display around her neck. We saw a young Alicent praying earlier in the series, so it seems her faith is now playing an even larger role in her life — or at least she wants it to appear that way.


We get a smirk from an older Aegon as an older Aemond stands behind him.

Aegon smiles with Aemond standing behind him

There's a shot of the seven-pointed star, which has apparently been installed in the small council chamber.

The seven-pointed star symbol of the Faith of the Seven

We then pan down to where Alicent sits at the head of the small council table — once again, her faith is emphasized, and notably, she's sitting in the king's place here.

Alicent sits at the small council table

Things are not looking good for Viserys.


We then see Rhaenyra telling Daemon, "Those vipers rule in my father's name."

Rhaenyra talks to Daemon

Cut to one of those "vipers," Otto, looking very pleased with himself.

Otto stands in front of the Iron Throne

And then Daemon responds to Rhaenyra: "To King's Landing, then."

Daemon smiles at Rhaenyra

It seems they've been absent from King's Landing — likely at Dragonstone — and make a return in this episode to try to stop the Hightowers from gaining too much power amid Viserys's illness/death.


There's this really dark shot that seems to be Viserys's bedchamber, with a sick (or dead?) Viserys in bed and someone who appears to be Rhaenyra walking toward him.

Someone lies in bed with another person standing nearby

A hand grabs a medical instrument.

A hand grabs a surgical tool



Then we hear someone say, "The Sea Snake has taken a grave wound in battle in the Stepstones," accompanied by this shot of Rhaenys.

Rhaenys stands in front of candles

Things are not looking good for the Sea Snake, then, either.


Interestingly, Corlys doesn't appear in this trailer, but his brother Vaemond pops up, looking very smirky.

Vaemond smirks

What is he up to? Is Corlys okay?!


We get a shot of Criston sparring with Aemond in the training yard.

Criston fights with Aemond in training

He is not holding back.

Criston's weapon hits Aemond's shield

Then we see Rhaenys sitting on the Driftwood Throne at High Tide — suggesting that Corlys is absent or dead.

Rhaenys sits on the Driftwood throne

He's possibly still in the Stepstones, but we then get Vaemond saying to Rhaenys, "Who will take the Driftwood Throne?"

Vaemond frowns while talking

He's clearly concerned about the succession if Corlys dies, now that both of Corlys's children are dead. Vaemond emphasized in Episode 7 the importance of keeping their bloodline pure, a clear reference to Rhaenyra's children being bastards and not Velyarons. It seems likely in this scene that Vaemond is advocating for his own place as Corlys's heir.


We hear Viserys say, "The crown cannot stand strong if the House of the Dragon remains divided." So he's not dead! At least not yet.

The Red Keep

He doesn't sound great, tbh.


There's a shot of what seems to be the gates to the Red Keep opening, with Vaemond on the other side.

The gates to the Red Keep open

Someone who looks like an older Lucerys, with Jace behind him, looks at something or someone with concern. We hear someone — perhaps Vaemond — say, "This is a matter of blood, not ambition," which reinforces the idea that he's gunning for the Driftwood Throne himself over Rhaenyra's children.

Lucerys looks concerned

There's a shot of Daemon looking at a dragon egg.

Daemon looks at a dragon egg

Another one of Otto with the Iron Throne.

Otto stands near the Iron Throne

We get it, he loves that pointy thing!


Jace slams his hands against a table while Aegon lurks nearby.

Jace stands up while Aegon stands beside him holding a cup

A hooded figure approaches someone who might be Mysaria.

A hooded figure approaches a woman standing on stairs

Is that Daemon, visiting his old lover?


Rhaenyra tells someone, "This is a trap."

Rhaenyra wears a cloak and talks

We get another shot of poor Luke looking concerned again.

Luke looks concerned

While an intense Aemond says, "Nephews," and it sounds like a challenge to Jace and Luke.

Aemond wears an eye patch and looks serious

The kids are fighting again (still).


We then see one of Rhaenyra's boys — likely Jace — hitting Aemond.

Jace hits Aemond

Aegon seems to be approaching Luke in the background.


Then we see Aegon slamming someone who looks like Luke into a table while a horrified Velaryon twin looks on.

Aegon pushes Luke into a table

We then get Otto saying, "The threat of war looms."

Otto sits in the small council chamber

My dude, you're the one who has spent decades stirring it up!


And then the trailer closes with Vaemond entering the Red Keep.

Vaemond enters the Red Keep

He is definitely up to no good.


What are you looking forward to next week?

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