Dive teams tackle Lake Tahoe garbage problem

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It’s easy to look at Lake Tahoe, the iconic and beautiful jewel of the Sierra, and not think about what lies under the surface. But there's a lot of junk underneath. “It’s tons of beer cans. Just plastic. Some of them look like they’re 30, 35 years old and it’s just trash that’s been down there as long as I’ve been alive,” said Colin West, founder of Clean Up the Lake. He and dozens of volunteers are about 20-miles into a 72-mile mission to rid Lake Tahoe of as much trash and pollution as possible. “Sometimes we’re up before the crack of dawn and we’re home when it’s dark out,” he said. The team aims for three dives a day, at least three days per week. They scour the lake floor and sometimes find decades-old trash. See more in the video above.

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