Divided Wisconsin voters cast their ballots

Voters headed to the polls Tuesday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, two months after racial injustice protests that could be critical to the outcome of the presidential election in Wisconsin and other battleground states. (Nov. 3)

Video Transcript

DEZMOND WALTON: I voted for Biden. Hopefully my vote really matters.

ROGER KREHBIEL: I have no reservations for voting for Donald Trump. I hope it's a big red wave throughout the country.

JASON BECK: 2016, I made the mistake, I voted for Trump. Just felt that it was time for something different. And it was a big mistake. The biggest turnoff for me was the whole issue with the riots and everything that was going on and how he just kept supporting everybody, saying they were patriots.

DAVID DANKE: Well, I voted for Donald Trump. He's a much better choice than Biden. He, America first. There you go. Keep the jobs in this country.

MARIAH FOSTER: Our president isn't doing much about it when it comes to COVID. And that's a big factor in who I'm voting for today as well. Because we're like nine months into COVID, and it's still getting worse and not getting better.