DMV reminds New Yorkers to register snowmobiles

Nov. 8—The state Department of Motor Vehicles issued a reminder Wednesday, Nov. 8 for New Yorkers to register their snowmobiles.

Snowmobile registrations must be renewed annually. All snowmobiles operated in New York state must be registered and marked with a validation sticker.

Riders who complete a registration online can print a temporary certificate, which is valid for 15 days. DMV generates a permanent registration card and mails it to the recipient along with their validation sticker. There is no added charge for the temporary certificate.

Snowmobilers from outside the state who wish to ride in New York can register a snowmobile if it is already registered in their home state. They can use New York's registration for out-of-state snowmobile service to get the 15-day registration and operate their snowmobile here immediately. DMV will send a permanent registration in the mail.

Members of the New York State Snowmobile Association or a local NYSSA-affiliated snowmobile club receive a $55 discount on snowmobile registrations.

Snowmobilers must always carry registration and proof of insurance documents on them while snowmobiling. Riders must produce the documents at the request of any law enforcement officer or magistrate.

Riders also must produce insurance documentation at the request of anyone who is injured or suffers property damage as a result of operating a snowmobile.

The state parks department offers operator training courses for snowmobilers aged 10 and up. Successful completion of this course results in the awarding of an state snowmobile safety certificate. Holders of snowmobile safety certificates must carry the certificate when they are snowmobiling.

It is illegal to operate a snowmobile while impaired by drugs or alcohol, and drivers and passengers must wear helmets on the state snowmobile trail system.

DMV allows snowmobilers to renew registrations online on the DMV website, by mail or in person at a DMV office.

Information about registering a snowmobile in New York State is on the DMV's website at