DNA Research On 4,250-Year-Old Burial In Caithness Has Helped To Create A Facial Reconstruction Of ‘Ava’

Kristine Moore

Amazing seascape with hay bales in the far north of Scotland near Wick, Caithness, Scotland.

Scientists have recently conducted new DNA research on a 4,250-year-old Bronze Age woman known as “Ava,” whose remains were discovered inside a grave in Caithness, Scotland in 1987. Ava came from a group of people that are now known as the Beaker people, named for a beaker that was found in Ava’s grave.

According to the BBC, through new DNA work, scientists learned that Ava was the product of European migrants who would have made their humble home in Britain long before her birth and that she most likely would have had dark hair and eyes, which was a change from the previous image we were given of her in which she was portrayed with red hair and blue eyes. Additionally, scientists also believe that Ava may have been lactose intolerant.

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