This app claims it can make a unique song from your DNA

This song is for you. No, really.

A new app for iOS called iDNAtity Audio claims to be able to make a unique song from your DNA, providing everyone with their own unique theme song. Via CNET, the app scans your face and then asks you to fill out a survey about your facial features so that it can form a low-level DNA profile; it then gives your specific phenotypes a "genotype profile," which is then mapped out onto a piano. From there, the app composes and plays a ditty

And you can tell everybody...that this is your song. You can watch a video of iDNAtity Audio below:

iDNAtity Audio seems to be as much about science education as it is about diversion: The website contains a simple glossary of basic genetics terms, as well as a "Teacher Resources" section.

If you don't want to learn about the miracle of your own body, however, you can just enjoy the song that has been made from your unique characteristics. iDNAtity is available for download in the Apple App Store right here for $1.