DNA Test Proves 2 Former Co-Workers From Connecticut Restaurant Are Actually Sisters

Two women working together at a Connecticut restaurant found out they are actually long-lost sisters.

Video Transcript

- Now the story of two women, working together at a Connecticut restaurant, find out they're actually long-lost sisters.

Back in 2013, Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti were working at The Russian Lady in New Haven. They both were from the Dominican Republic and had been adopted and raised by single mothers in the US.

They were together for a year, but only recently a DNA test showed that they're family.

CASSANDRA MADISON: We'd joke around this whole time how we're twins, we're sisters. You know, people start saying that we look alike.

Fast-forward now, 2021, and I basically forced Julia to do a 23 and Me test. She is my sister.

- Wow. The two actually have seven other biological brothers and sisters. Out of the nine children, Julia and Cassandra were the only two who were adopted.

- Wow.

- So there you have it.

- That gives me goosebumps.

- Isn't that just unbelievable?

- Yeah, that's fate.

- Wow.