DNC's Anti-Trump 'Boy Bye' Phone Wallpaper Backfires Spectacularly

DNC's Anti-Trump 'Boy Bye' Phone Wallpaper Backfires Spectacularly

The Democratic National Committee’s offer of free cellphone wallpaper that trolled President Donald Trump sparked a backlash this week.

On Saturday, the DNC gave Twitter users the opportunity to download an image of Trump’s face underneath the Beyoncé lyric “Boy Bye” from the singer-songwriter’s 2016 hit “Sorry.”

People who pinged the five-digit number with the term “BOYBYE” were also signed up to receive “periodic text messages from the DNC,” per the small print.

But many tweeters demanded that the DNC “do better” and predicted Trump would win reelection in 2020 if it continued campaigning in the same way. 


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