Dnipro authorities evacuate hospital, close schools after attack on energy infrastructure

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A hospital in Dnipro is being evacuated and schools are being closed following a Russian attack on civil infrastructure, Mayor Borys Filatov announced on Feb. 13.

Dnipropetrovsk Governor Serhii Lysak said on the morning of Feb. 13 that 10 Shahed-type attack drones had been downed over Dnipro district overnight, "but there were also several hits" and energy infrastructure caught on fire.

DTEK, Ukraine's main private energy company, had reported at 1 a.m. on Feb. 13 that one of its thermal power plants had been "severely damaged" in an attack, without specifying the location.

State-owned energy operator Ukrenergo later said that an attack on energy infrastructure in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast damaged a thermal power plant, impacting the heating supply to Dnipro.

Following the attack, there were also reports of power outages in the city of Pavlohrad and Pavlohrad district, around 80 kilometers east of Dnipro.

"Due to nighttime attacks, we are evacuating one of the hospitals, draining the heating system, and taking out a considerable number of palliative patients," Filatov reported on Telegram.

"We are also closing schools" since the weather will get colder and the heating system "may not be able to withstand the load," Filatov said.

In a later message on Telegram, Filatov advised residents to go to the city's "points of invincibility," or specially equipped shelters that provide heating, electricity, and internet, if needed.

Filatov said that Dnipro has more than 100 "points of invincibility" with "everything you need," including power generators and hot drinks.

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