🌱 Docs Face Treatment Shortage+ Best Books, Films + Wild Turkeys

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Good morning, Bedford! Let's start Saturday off right. Here are the most important things going on today in town.

First, today's weather:

Sunny, breezy, and very cold today. High: 10. Low: 2.

It's cold outside! Bundle up today, and limit your time out in freezing temperatures.

Rent this space:

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Here are the top stories in Bedford today:

  1. New Hampshire Health Officials have difficult treatment decisions to make. Life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments for those at risk of severe disease from COVID-19 are in short supply. Federal emergency teams sent to New Hampshire to administer monoclonal infusions may be reassigned to staff overcrowded vaccination sites due to the short supply of monoclonal treatments, said Governor Chris Sununu at a press conference Wednesday. Monoclonal antibody treatments, and other life-saving therapies to prevent severe disease, have to be given shortly after symptoms appear. The short supply of monoclonal antibody treatments means that New Hampshire health facilities have to prioritize monoclonal antibody treatments for patients who are at risk of developing severe illness. Antibody treatments are provided at several New Hampshire hospitals, and Convenient MD locations. (NHPR)

  2. What books, movies, music were the most popular at the Bedford Public Library in 2021? You may be surprised to find out what your friends and neighbors are reading, watching, and listening to. The top five DVDs were: The Call of the Wild, A Call to Spy, The Last Vemeer, Let Him Go, and Little Women. If you are curious about the top fiction, nonfiction, biography, and other books and music in high demand, you can find out more here:(Press Release Desk)

  3. If you see wild turkeys walking through the wintery white snow in Bedford this winter, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is asking the public to report any wild turkey sightings as part of the 2022 Winter Turkey Flock Survey. The survey started on January 1 and will run through March 31. Tracking wild turkeys helps the state determine the health and well-being of wild turkey populations in the state. Official say that severe weather and limited natural food supplies present serious challenges for turkey populations in the state. To report a sighting, visit www.wildnh.com/surveys/turkey.html. You can find out more here: (NHPR)

From my notebook:

  • Animal Rescue League of N.H.: "You have been OTTERLY - Fooled! Tanner is no Otter, but he's off on his new adventure!" (Facebook)

  • Bedford Fire Department, NH: "The Bedford Fire Department experienced record response numbers within the medical and fire categories in 2021. This chart illustrates a five-year progression across three categories of emergency calls (fire, medical, and service). The m..." (Facebook)

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