Doctor: COVID vaccines safe for allergic people

Health officials say most people with allergies should be safe taking the COVID-19 vaccine (Jan. 12)

Video Transcript

DOUG PAAUW: And I think the thing that's gotten the most media attention has been anaphylaxis, which is where people will get low blood pressure or trouble breathing and it could be a life-threatening event. And that was not seen in the Pfizer or Moderna phase-three clinical trials. So when it first happened, it was a bit of a-- not a surprise, because we know almost all vaccinations, that's a small, small risk. But they didn't have a number on it because they hadn't seen it, and that's led to a lot of the concern that people have had.

But right now, I think the risk of COVID, long-term problems with COVID for people, is so much higher than a bad thing happening with the vaccine. And because we have a treatment for the vaccine but we don't have a real good treatment for COVID, if you think of it that way, if you're that unlucky one out of 100,000 people who gets anaphylaxis, you can receive epinephrine and recover. Whereas if you get COVID, we have 350,000 people dead in the United States from that, and we have a number of people who are going to be long-term problems with their hearts, maybe with their central nervous system. There are other things that COVID-- we're still learning are going to cause long-term problems.