Doctor takes jury through Floyd's final moments

As prosecutors at Derek Chauvin's trial repeatedly played a video clip of George Floyd on the ground, Dr. Martin Tobin pinpointed what he saw as a change in the man's face that told him Floyd was dead. (April 8)

Video Transcript

MARTIN TOBIN: So now he's rocking his right side. You can see how he's moving his hip to try and rock the right side of his body to try and get air. You can see him again pushing down on the street to get air in. And these movements of his hip you may miss, but he's having to use all his entire spine to just try and get air in to the right side of the body.

Keep in mind, the left side is nonfunctional from the way they have manipulated and pushed him into the street. So I work in an ICU where 40% of our patients die, so I'm extremely familiar with seeing people who die, unfortunately. So when you see these changes, you see the changes in the face, that is the key way of noticing something happening is by looking at the effects on the face.

JERRY BLACKWELL: Is that the flicking you were referring--

MARTIN TOBIN: Yes. You can see his eyes. He's conscious. And then you see that he isn't. That's the moment the life goes out of his body.