Doctor on Tiger’s recovery: ‘I think he can play golf again assuming everything heals well’

SportsPulse: Dr. Bill Mallon, a former PGA golfer and orthopedic surgeon, details Tiger Woods' recovery from the injuries he sustained during his single-vehicle crash. Dr. Mallon believes Woods could play golf again if his recovery goes well.

Video Transcript

BILL MALLON: He had an open fracture, which again means the bone came through the skin. And the risk in a fracture like that is always infection. That's the thing we worry most about. And that's one of the reasons you do surgery fairly quickly, not so much to stabilize the fracture but to wash it out and clean it out, to make sure that you lower the risk of infection. And they did that and I'm sure Tiger is on antibiotics right now and they're watching that closely.

Whenever you have a major injury, major trauma, I used to tell patients it takes a full year to recover from that. The fractures usually heal in about three months, assuming they heal. Not everyone does. Like Alex Smith had that problem, of course. But most of them heal. I mean, probably 99% heal. And that takes about three months to fully heal. But during that time the muscles, the tissues in the leg, atrophy, weaken.

He has to regain the strength in them. He has to get that recovery back. He has to regain its flexibility. So that several more months of rehab. I think he can play golf again after this, assuming everything heals well.