Doctors in India are stunned by baby born with 4 legs and 3 hands

Katie Mather

A 24-year-old woman in India was shocked to deliver a set of twins, one of whom had four legs and three hands. The other twin was perfectly healthy, leading doctors to believe the woman was initially pregnant with triplets when one baby absorbed extra limbs from the third unborn fetus.

The first-time mother hadn't had any medical checkups throughout her pregnancy and had no idea she was at one point expecting triplets, let alone that she would be giving birth to twins.

She and her husband are described by Metro as laborers, which may explain why they did not have the time or money to visit doctors before giving birth.

The couple said they were scared for their daughter, but despite a minor breathing issue — caused by the extra limbs growing out of her abdomen — she is in stable condition.

The baby will be transferred to another hospital in India to undergo an operation, and doctors say they feel confident that the extra limbs can be safely removed during surgery. This case is believed to be the first instance of two naturally born triplets being conjoined.

Earlier this year, 2-year-old Pakistani twins who were conjoined at the head were successfully separated. In August, 3-year-old conjoined twins in Budapest were also safely separated during a 30-hour surgery.

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