Doctor's Medical License Terminated After Another Doctor Of The Same Bounces Check

"I apparently have the same name as this infectious diseases doctor in Illinois who they seem to think, or the government does, that we are interchangeable."

Video Transcript

- Two doctors, same name, and a medical license mix-up that's causing a nightmare for one of them. CBS 2 investigator Megan Hickey is getting answers. Megan, the state of Illinois offered an apology.

MEGAN HICKEY: Brad, fortunately, yes. But Dr. Brian Yu has been trying to get this straightened out for weeks since the state sent him to collections over a bounced check he didn't write. This is Dr. Brian Yu.

BRIAN YU: I work in Texas and, yes, I apparently have the same name as this infectious diseases doctor in Illinois, who they seem to think, or the government does, that we are interchangeable.

MEGAN HICKEY: Let's take a step back. Dr. Yu lives in Eastern Texas but used to work in Illinois so he still has a medical license here. Well, he did. On March 19, he learned it was terminated due to insufficient funds, leaving a black mark on his medical license history that future employers would be able to see. Confused, he spent hours trying to get through to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation or IDFPR, which oversees medical licenses in the state.

BRIAN YU: All they have told me is that, apparently, I am a Dr. Yu who works for an infectious diseases practice in Illinois, and I wrote this bounced check.

MEGAN HICKEY: So there is a doctor Brian Yu who works at a practice in the southwest suburbs, but the $23 debt was assigned to this Dr. Brian Yu's medical license. And despite a phone call after phone call, he says he was told to just pay the bill. Dr. Yu says it's not about the money.

BRIAN YU: It makes me wonder how many other people are going through this where they're just paying this to get these people off their backs.

MEGAN HICKEY: We reached out to IDFPR today, and they corrected the mistake. A spokesperson told me they're working to ensure that this issue does not happen again. But Dr. Yu is upset that it also took reaching out to the Chair of the Health Care Licenses Committee and a reporter to get some clarity.

BRIAN YU: I just want everything to be fixed, you know?

MEGAN HICKEY: As you should, you didn't do anything wrong.

BRIAN YU: That's what I keep telling them.

MEGAN HICKEY: Now, we did reach out to the real Brian Yu's medical practice for comment. We're still waiting for a response, but again, the state telling us this mix-up has been corrected. Brad.

- Nice work. CBS 2 investigator, Megan Hickey, thank you.