Doctors stunned as transplant recipient's hands change color

A 21-year-old student from Pune, India is stunning doctors after her hands —. which were medically transplanted onto her following an accident where she lost hers — began to seemingly adapt to her skin tone. Shreya Siddanagowda was in a bus accident in September 2016 that led to her amputating both of her hands. Only an hour after she registered at the hospital, she received a callback that hands of someone with the same blood type would be donated. Sachin, a student from India, had been declared brain dead that day following a bike accident. The first change doctors noticed was that the extra weight she initially experienced from wearing a man’s arms was dissolving. Then, Siddanagowda’s mom noticed her daughter’s fingers were slimming down too and becoming more feminine. "I don’t know how the transformation occurred. But it feels like my own hands now," the 21-year-old said. Doctors think it’s possible that the melanin-producing cells were slowly replacing Sachin’s cells