Doctors Urge People To Keep Up With Their Routine Screenings Put Off By COVID Pandemic

Even one year into the pandemic, routine medical screenings at the hospital have caused some seniors to think twice.

Video Transcript

- A year into the pandemic, it's causing some larger issues when it comes to people's health.

- CBS 13's Rachel Wulff with why facing your fear could be a life or death situation.

RACHEL WULFF: Routine medical screenings at the hospital have caused some seniors to think twice.

- At first and then I thought, well, I've got to go eventually.

RACHEL WULFF: 83-year-old Betty Fallon admits COVID caused concerns when it came to showing up for some of her doctor appointments and she isn't alone.

ERIC RAMOS: So there have been a lot of patients that have stayed away from the hospital.

RACHEL WULFF: Dr. Eric Ramos is the Chief Medical Officer at Doctors Medical Center. He says putting off health care checkups could be dangerous.

ERIC RAMOS: One, in particular, was having chest pain for over a month before he came and sought medical care and ended up having heart surgery to help him.

RACHEL WULFF: In other instances, delaying the treatment of infections can lead to sepsis or shock. Experts say there is no need to put off health care needs and routine screenings now that teleMed and teleEd are an option.

ERIC RAMOS: Patients can get a conference like this, a video conference with a provider in the emergency department, that really can help guide them. So, kind of alleviate their fears and say, no you don't need to come in or yes you do.

RACHEL WULFF: And most hospital staff are vaccinated in addition to being trained in environmental health and infectious disease protocols.

- I feel very safe and they make me feel safe.

RACHEL WULFF: Dr. Ramos advises even though we are at the tail end of the pandemic, we need to be vigilant. Especially those with pre-existing conditions. Something Betty plans to do along with taking precautions.

- I haven't gotten sick, I didn't have the flu, I didn't even had a cold this year so far, and hopefully it stays that way.