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Doctors Warn Of Side Effects Of Extensive Screen Time

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Health experts are sending a warning about the damage all of the screen time during the pandemic can do to us and our kids, Liz Collin Reports (1:52) WCCO 4 News At 5 - May 27, 2021

Video Transcript

- The pandemic put many of us in front of screens like never before.

- Now health experts are sending a warning about all the damage that a device could do to us and our kids. WCCO's Liz Collins shares the Summer Challenge from Mayo Clinic that your whole family could benefit from.

SHANNON BRYANT: It was challenging though, it was.

LIZ COLLINS: Shannon Bryant is a bit of a survivor after what she's been through. A mom of four boys, ages 8 to 13, at home for much of the school year supervising distanced learning.

SHANNON BRYANT: Their teachers did a really good job of trying to keep them focused on the Zoom calls.

LIZ COLLINS: It added up to at least a few hours of screen time every day for each student, and mom noticed it took a toll.

SHANNON BRYANT: I truly believe with kids you have to keep them physically active. It's just a must.

TINA THART: We need to put it down sometimes. Walk away from our computer screen, put down the phone, put down the tablet and engage in the real world.

LIZ COLLINS: That's the goal behind Mayo Clinic's free slim your screen time challenge. A two-month program of sorts providing more than 100 activities for all ages. From blowing bubbles to making slime, and doing some old school stone skipping.

TINA THART: We're asking people to do 30 of them in 60 days, and then just check off your activity.

LIZ COLLINS: Thart says the physical effects of sedentary behavior are well known, but that this past year has gone well beyond that.

TINA THART: And then there's the social and emotional effects of not connecting with a person face-to-face.

LIZ COLLINS: Ryan noticed much happier boys once they were back to school in person, as her household now hopes for a lasting digital break.

SHANNON BRYANT: I do hope we don't go back to distanced learning.

LIZ COLLINS: Liz Collin, WCCO 4 News.

- To sign up your family to the slim your screen time screen challenge, you'll find a link on WCCO.com.