Dodger fans who hike look forward to reuniting when permitted

The Dodgers Blue Hiking Crew, an unofficial group of Dodger fans and avid hikers, are looking forward to hiking as a big group on L.A. trails when permitted.

Video Transcript

- It is opening day in Major League Baseball, and both the Dodgers and Angels are taking the field, and fans are getting pretty excited for the new season.

- And our East LA community journalist Eric Resendiz spoke with some fans who are all about celebrating the Dodgers outside of the stadium.


ERIC RESENDIZ: The Dodgers Blue Hiking crew has been hitting the trail since 2016. They sport blue gear for their home team.

ANJELICA AVELLA: It makes me feel like I'm representing not just the Dodgers, but also the hiking community. Like, we-- I feel proud. I feel proud to be out there.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Before COVID, the blue army of hikers were on Los Angeles trails together about three times a year, before opening day, during the season, and at the end of it.

LOUIE ROMERO: I feel great. You know, it's just good to see other people on the trails. No matter where you come from, everybody comes together, and you know, and it's all about the Dodgers, you know, and to support one another and support our team.

ERIC RESENDIZ: But 2020 hikes were canceled because of the pandemic, and now they're looking at what will happen this year.

CARLOS BERRUZ: To do something of that scale, I may wait till next season. It's, you know, I mean, it hurts me inside because I'm eager to get back out there. Dodgers won the World Series. I mean, we've been waiting. We've been waiting to host a World Series victory hike.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Some have been hitting the trails while still showing love for their boys in blue, but in small groups with their loved ones.

LOUIE ROMERO: Just recently, we had up to, like, maybe like six people with us, and it was at distance, and everybody had a mask on.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Organizers say they hope to be back on the trails as a big group in 2022.

CARLOS BERRUZ: The more people getting vaccinated, the better. You know, I'm waiting to get mine, and hopefully, you know, I don't know if we're going to do anything at such a large scale. Maybe we'll start off small and then eventually, you know, maybe we can do something that way.

ERIC RESENDIZ: In Griffith Park, Eric Resendiz, ABC7 Eyewitness News.

- Good luck to the Dodgers and the Angels.

- I know.

- High hopes to both teams.

- Yes.