Does Boris Johnson have women problems? Poll shows new PM more popular with men voters

David Harding
Boris Johnson is proving less popular with women voters (REUTERS)

The new Prime Minister is less popular among women voters than men, a poll has revealed.

Boris Johnson is struggling to convince female voters beyond the Tory base about his premiership, a YouGov study has shown.

And even among Conservative voters who want to leave the European Union, Mr Johnson, whose private life has been the subject of much speculation, is backed in bigger numbers by men than women.

Overall, YouGov found that 38% of men have a “favourable” opinion of the PM and just 30% of women.

The new PM does have the backing of those Tory women who want to leave the EU (TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/Getty Images)

They also found that 55% of men and women have an “unfavourable” view of him.

“Boris also appears to be much stronger amongst male voters than he is amongst female,” said YouGov.

“Amongst men the new Prime Minister has a net favourability of -17 (38% favourable, 55% unfavourable) whereas amongst women he has a significantly lower score of -25 (30% favourable. 55% unfavourable).”

Boris is not being backed by women in the polls (YouGov)

The gender split continues among Tories split among Brexit lines.

Eighty three per cent of men and 75% of women who want to leave the EU said they had a “favourable” opinion of Mr Johnson.

But among those Tories who want to remain, 40% of men back Boris, while just 26% of women do.

Mr Johnson has committed the country to leaving the EU with or without a deal by the deadline of October 31.

The study was conducted after an apparent “Boris bounce” in the polls which put the Tories at 32%, up from 25% in the final poll before he took over, and amid speculation that a General Election might happen this year.

The poll also examined where in the country he is least popular.

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Unsurprisingly, Mr Johnson is least liked in Scotland, getting just 21% support.

The East of England and South West England were the regions which would back him most, with 41% and 42% support respectively.

Pro-Brexit supporters (Photo by David Cliff/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Young voters also viewed the PM unfavourably, with just 16% support among 18 to 24-year-olds.

Only among those who are 65 and older is his support in the majority, 51% to 44%.

YouGov interviewed over 8,000 people about their views on Boris Johnson.

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