Does your city have 5G? Find out where it's available in Delaware

Wondering if you have access to 5G? Worry no more.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on all things 5G in Delaware, including where it is available.

What 5G is

5G stands for the fifth-generation mobile network that is the new global wireless standard following 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

5G is designed to be faster, more reliable, have an increased network capacity and be more available than previous network technology. It is also an innovative advancement that is expected to better connect people to everything from devices to machines to objects.

While there are variations of 5G out there, the parameters and availability of each are widely dependent on specific cellphone carriers.

5G accessibility

The most important thing to note about 5G is that your access to it depends on your cellphone carrier. Companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint determine where their 5G coverage is offered.

If you find that areas like your home and place of work have 5G coverage, don’t be surprised if you venture into unknown territory and no longer have access.

Most cellphone carriers have online maps depicting the breadth of their 5G coverage, and 5G towers are frequently added to new areas to expand a company’s reach.

5G in Sussex County:Verizon agreed to move some of its beachfront 5G poles. Where does that leave Dewey Beach?

Delaware is mostly covered by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, covering a far smaller portion of the state.


AT&T offers basic 5G coverage, which allows better video call capability and entertainment enhancements, and a 5G+ coverage, which provides the carrier’s fastest service but is available only in select zones and venues in 20 states.

Those with AT&T as their cell carrier will find that 5G coverage can be found all over the state, but there are a few exceptions.

New Castle County has only 4G in parts of Talleyville and Hockessin, Port Penn and Blackbird, among other areas.

Kent County does not have 5G in Kenton, some cities east of Wyoming and Felton, around Kitts Hummock and in Thompsonville.

AT&T offers 5G in more Sussex County cities than other providers, but Houston, Ellendale and areas west of Selbyville are still operating on 4G.

If you would like to know what coverage your city gets, visit AT&T's coverage map and check your address.


Verizon offers two types of 5G coverage: Their 5G Nationwide is similar in performance to 4G LTE and their 5G Ultra Wideband is up to 10 times faster than regular 4G LTE speeds, but is available only in select areas.

The carrier’s 5G Home Internet is powered by 5G Ultra Wideband wireless and boasts a high capacity with a low lag time.

In New Castle County, Verizon has 5G Ultra Wideband coverage in popular areas like Newark, Wilmington and Bear.

Kent County’s coverage extends to Dover, Harrington and Milford areas.

In Sussex County, there is scattered availability among the beaches along the coast, with a major hotspot near Bethany Beach.

Most of the state has access to 5G Nationwide, but there are select areas in Kent and Sussex counties with access only to 4G LTE.

To check which type of coverage your area gets, search Verizon's coverage map.


For its low-band network, T-Mobile currently has 5G Extended Range, coverage that is faster than 4G LTE and optimizes current technology capabilities. This is available in a majority of the country.

The carrier’s Ultra Capacity 5G is for faster mid-band and millimeter-wave networks and is available in fewer areas than their 5G Extended Range network.

In New Castle County, the majority of the coverage falls under T-Mobiles Ultra Capacity 5G.

Kent County operates mostly on 5G Extended Range, but major areas like Dover, Smyrna and Harrington are covered by 5G Ultra Capacity.

Sussex County is also predominantly covered by 5G Extended Range. The beach towns, Milford, Seaford, Greenwood, Georgetown and Laurel are among the select cities with 5G Ultra Capacity.

If your city was not mentioned and you would like to check what coverage you have, visit T-Mobile's coverage map.

Next steps for 5G

The 4G and 5G coverage zones for Delaware’s popular cellphone carriers could change as 5G becomes more widespread.

Whether or not certain areas that do not have 5G access receive that coverage in the future depends on their personal carrier and the company’s plans for installing 5G towers in places that are currently lacking.

This article originally appeared on Delaware News Journal: See where your cellphone can access 5G in Delaware