What does a cloned arctic wolf look like? Watch these adorable pups play in China

Photo from Ariane Chan via Unsplash

A biotechnology company released photos and videos of cloned arctic wolf pups, born recently in China.

The first cloned arctic wolf was born on June 10 in Beijing and announced 100 days later by Sinogene Biotechnology Company, a Beijing-based pet cloning company, per a news release on Sept. 19. The birth came after a two-year collaboration with the Beijing Wildlife Park, the release said.

The pup, Maya, was named after the arctic wolf who lived at the Harbin Polar Park in China and whose cells were used in the cloning process, the company said. Maya was born to a surrogate mother — a beagle.

When she was born, Maya became the first cloned arctic wolf pup, the company said.

Maya has now been taken to the Harbin Polar Park, the Beijing Evening Post reported.

Video from tv.sohu shows a young Maya walking around and sneezing from a blade of grass. More recent footage posted on Facebook by Beijing Daxing Airport City shows Maya wandering, chewing on a bone, and playing with her surrogate mom.

A second cloned pup was born on Sept. 28, China Science reported. This male pup will be named Zhao, Global Times reported.

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