How does Disney reopen its parks? Shanghai may have answers

For a glimpse at how Disney may recover from lockdowns around the globe, look no further than Shanghai,

where the entertainment giant has staged a limited reopening of Shanghai Disney Resort.

Employees and guests wear masks - even the littlest ones - while staff and security guards carry contact-less thermometers and hand sanitizer.

While the Shanghai Disneyland theme park remains closed, the Shanghai Disney Resort partially reopened the beginning of March with some shopping and dining available.

And it could give clues to investors and park fans who are watching to see how Disney reimagines the "happiest place on earth" for an altered world, especially as states such as Florida begin to re-open.

But Disney - which makes a third of its revenue from parks, experiences and products - has not yet announced any plans for its theme parks, with experts saying that the high-touch and high-volume nature of the Disney experience and Disney's need to prevent damage to its brand- make reopening difficult.

But there are ideas in the works - Disney executive chairman Bob Iger said checking guests' temperature could become routine at Disney park entrances.

And a source told Reuters that rides like Space Mountain roller coaster could stagger guests in each "rocket" to enforce social distancing, with guests being notified via app or another technology when they can go on a ride or in a restaurant to eliminate lines.

And wearing a mask could be required, but in true Disney fashion, employees' masks would be fun, not scary.

Disney on Thursday began online sales of face masks featuring Mickey Mouse, Baby Yoda and other characters and said up to $1 million in profits would go to charity.