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‘When Does It End?’: Mourners Gather For Daunte Wright’s Funeral

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Daunte Wright’s funeral drew attention from around the world, and after, people gathered outside to pray for change, Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield reports (2:32) WCCO 4 News At 6 - April 23, 2021

Video Transcript

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: Daunte Wright's funeral drew attention from around the world Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield is outside the Shiloh Temple in North Minneapolis, where another event is just getting underway. Susan-Elizabeth?

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Yes, Amelia. A rally is about to kick off behind me. It's all an effort to move forward in healing after the verdict in George Floyd's death. Meanwhile, over my shoulder right here is Shiloh Temple. That is the place where Daunte Wright was remembered. George Floyd's family actually showed up there today, as now it's Daunte's life that the world is remembering.

Dozens of cameras from around the world gathered again. Still in town from covering the death of George Floyd, they focus now on the death of Daunte Wright. The community is focused, too.

ALFRED SPEARS: Just to show support to the family. To let-- you know, just to let them know that we're praying for them. And we're praying for the whole situation. It seems really, really tragic.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Alfred Spears waived his support. And his church, Shiloh Temple, opened their doors to a funeral once again.

ALFRED SPEARS: Here we go again. I mean, that's the truth. Here we go again. You know, when does it end?

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: And again, Reverend Al Sharpton arrived to take the pulpit, as he did for George Floyd's service. George Floyd's family came, too. And one of the biggest moments was when Daunte's tiny son showed up to say goodbye to the father he barely got to know.

- (SINGING) We must fight together for an important cause.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: The grief was in the air as onlookers showed signs of support, signs of endurance.

- (SINGING) Free to go most any place, any time. (SPEAKING) And it goes on from there. The emphasis on the soldiers fighting. That's what they've been doing, and that's what we must do.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Those close to Daunte wore red.

- Yeah, that's one of his favorite colors. Yeah, one of his favorite colors.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Antoinette is a family friend.

- You know, just a happy person, a happy person. You know, not violent at all.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: And the onlookers didn't have to know Daunte to feel the familiar pain.

- We're angry, we're upset, but we're not all violent. We just want equality, you know? We just want to be treated like everyone else.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: And back out here live, this rally here in honor of George Floyd a reminder that George Floyd and Daunte Wright's lives and legacies will be tied together forever, in this city and beyond.

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: All right. Thank you, Susan-Elizabeth.