'Does not belong here': Florida speed bump sending cars airbourne removed days later

INDIALANTIC, Fla. - A massive speed bump is on its way out in Brevard County.

The Indialantic town council voted unanimously on Wednesday to have the new hump on 5th Avenue removed after hearing several concerns about damaged vehicles and driver safety when it first launched on Friday.

FOX 35 looked into these issues, and FDOT says the bump will be grated down in the next couple of days.

Officials want it gone as soon as possible because the bump has been the talk of the town. On Thursday, there were big changes in the area to help the issue. There’s a blinking sign warning drivers about the bump and just before drivers go over, there’s another new notice.

"The very first day, I was like, this does not belong here. There’s too much traffic. It’s way too big," said Logan Terraglio who says he hit the bump heading to work early in the morning.

This driver is getting what he asked for.

"Who’s going to argue with increased pedestrian safety, right? But the way it was implemented and the specific construction with this one just didn’t work," said Mayor Mark McDermott who says he’s heard from several residents who were frustrated with the new addition.

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Even with the removal, the original problem is still there. Some drivers are worried about safety on 5th Avenue.

"I think a raised speed hump through here is needed," said Meegan Frye.

She says people drive too fast going to the beach or getting off the island, and pedestrians are in danger because there's not enough lighting and some bushes are too big. FDOT says safety improvements will still happen, but they need to re-evaluate the designs.

"They don’t care how quick or who’s in their way to get there," Frye said when thinking about morning rush hour traffic.

FDOT says raised crosswalks are supposed to elevate pedestrians and make them easier for cars to see, but this plan didn’t pan out.

"I don’t think it has any place on 5th Ave," Terraglio concluded.

As a contractor works to grate down the bump, FDOT says a police officer will be stationed on-site to help slow traffic. Moving forward, the agency will also work closely with the town manager on what’s installed.