Does an Office-Appropriate Crop Top Exist?

Madeline Fass

Whether it’s on A-list celebrities or on superstar models, the combination of crop top and high-waisted pants has become this summer’s must-have off-duty look. While these skin-baring tops look great on It girls like Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Sophie Turner any day of the week—or on the red carpet for that matter!—the rest of us tend to limit our crop tops for weekends only. It’s understandable, but as street style stars around the world have proven, there’s actually a way to make a cropped shirt work for the office. Below, five creative ways to style your cropped shirts, tanks, tops, or bralettes for the office and beyond.

Suit Up

You can hide just about any crop top under a buttoned blazer, and in summer it’s a great way to layer while still keeping your cool. Take one of winter’s best layering tricks and style a printed mock neck tank under a suit jacket. With a flowing skirt or fitted pedal pushers, it’s an effortless way to go from day to night.

Photographed by Phil Oh / Acielle / Style du Monde

Hide in High-Waisted

Most cropped tops—excepting those close to bralette status—will sit just right by the waistline of a pair of high-waisted pants. The best news? Tons of high-rise trousers exist, from leather pants to a classic pair of white wide-leg bottoms. We’d suggest trying this outfit with a crop top that covers your shoulders to make the style even more appropriate for work.

Photographed by Dan Roberts / Acielle / Style du Monde

C.I.Y. (Crop It Yourself)

Did you ever consider that all items in your closet have the ability to become crop tops? (Mind-blowing, we know.) With the knotting of its hem, a white work shirt can become a fun summer staple. Leave a few buttons undone on your favorite jacket or blouse only or take a trick out of the It Girl playbook and cut an old Fruit of the Loom tank yourself. The best part? You’re totally in control of the length of these tops, which makes them suitable for work and play.

Photographed by Phil Oh / Acielle / Style du Monde

Play With Proportions

The easiest way to disguise a crop top is by covering up your body somewhere else. Rethink a cropped tank top and consider a long-sleeve version like a cropped jacket or blazer. They might expose your mid-section slightly, but you’ll feel much more comfortable while covering your shoulders and arms. Pair with high-waisted trousers or skirt and you’re good to go this summer.

Photographed by Phil Oh / Acielle / Style du Monde

An Extra Layer

For the most daring styling, but the most modest appearance, try layering a crop top over your look. Add a crop on top of your favorite dress or dare to pile on a bralette over a blazer. Corset-style crop tops work well with an oversize blouse too, creating a flattering silhouette that is tight to the torso but loose in the arms and body.

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