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Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discuss the Raiders incredible overtime win over the Chargers to send them into the playoffs. Las Vegas won 4 straight to end the season, and despite all of the turmoil that the franchise endured during the season interim head coach Rich Bisaccia led this team to the postseason. Should he be given a chance to be the head coach of this team beyond this season? Is he a candidate for coach of the year? Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: I had a lot of questions about the Raiders over the course of the season. I had a lot of questions about Derek Carr over the course of the season. But considering the million things that happened to this franchise, you can't have as many catastrophic events happen to a franchise as has happened to the Raiders this year and not appreciate the fact that they fought their way into the postseason.

And they fought their way through a game. And they fought their way through an overtime. And then they kicked a field goal to make it happen rather than just letting the clock run out.

And as one of my good friends said to me, a divisional rival, not letting another divisional rival get into the playoffs, is how it should be done. Like you know what, fine. Get the Steelers in. But you don't get your divisional rival into the playoffs. Good for the Raiders.

FRANK SCHWAB: No. I want to go back through the last week of all these takes of like, well, they're just going to kneel every single play, and just try to teach those people about, hey, professional athletes are competitive. They want to win. Nobody's taking a knee for 60 minutes.

And then these two teams-- only need at a tie, right-- go out and play maybe the most thrilling game of the NFL season, most competitive game of the NFL season, ridiculous. It was so great.

Real quick, I want to ask you this. Look, we were on this podcast after the Raiders fell to 5 and 5. They had lost the Giants. That loss didn't age well, and then were blown out, I think, by the Chiefs and the Bengals. At that point, they were 5 and 5. And I think we both said, the Raiders are done. Their season's done. We get it.

They win five of their last seven. Does Rich Bisaccia-- A, does he keep the job, do you think? And B, does he have an argument for Coach of the Year? I mean Arians won it as an interim once. And boy, with all the Raiders went through this season to make the playoffs, I think he's got at least an argument.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I think Rich Bisaccia is someone that I have no problem with someone putting him into the race and talking about him and debating him. You know, Matt LaFleur and Mike Vrabel are going to be tough to beat out this year. They really are.


CHARLES ROBINSON: I mean, they both have a spectacular-- I mean, you could say here's all these things that Rich Bisaccia did. I think with Mike Vrabel, you look at him, and you go, well, he did something historic. Like Mike Vrabel literally, particularly with the number of players rostered, he did something historic. That might set him apart.

But look, as far as Rich Bisaccia and being part of the conversation, I think he's earned it. That finish, particularly considering the Jon Gruden mess, you know, you release a first round defensive back over things that he says on social media, obviously, the Henry Ruggs tragedy. It was just one thing after another piling up on this team.

As far as the full time job goes, boy, I'll tell you what, could he Steve Fisher it? Could this be, like, the 1989 Michigan Wolverines basketball team, where he takes over for Bill Frieder and all of a sudden goes on a little run and you're sitting there going.

You know, now, they won the title. I don't think Rich Bisaccia would necessarily have to win the title. I think if the Raiders go into the postseason, and they're competitive, and they win a game or two games or whatever, I think Mark Davis has got to stop and go wait a minute, you know, how can I upset this at this point?

Now maybe he wants Jim Harbaugh. OK, maybe that whole thing is serious, he really wants to make a run at Jim Harbaugh. OK. That could be the case. But I think he has given Mark Davis, at least up until this point, something to think about. And if he piles up some wins on top of that-- The locker room has responded to him. And something special going on for Las Vegas right now.

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