A dog was abandoned in the cold Thursday night: How the community rallied to find her

A dog that was abandoned Thursday night in the parking lot of the Herkimer County Humane Society was found by two of the organization's staff members Friday afternoon.

Around 5:45 p.m. Thursday, security camera footage posted on the humane society's Facebook page shows what the humane society believes to be a first-generation Mini-Cooper Clubman entering the parking lot. The car's driver is seen getting out of the car and taking a dog out of the car.

The driver then climbs back into the car and drives away, leaving the dog alone in the empty parking lot. Footage shows the dog wandering into the street, where humane society staff said she was later hit by a car and injured before running off.

Miracle, pictured above, was abandoned by her owner in the Herkimer Humane Society parking lot last Thursday. She was found a day later, injured and displaying signs of routine neglect.
Miracle, pictured above, was abandoned by her owner in the Herkimer Humane Society parking lot last Thursday. She was found a day later, injured and displaying signs of routine neglect.

How the dog was found Friday

Robert Schrader, the president of the Herkimer County Humane Society as well as Herkimer County's District 3 Legislator, said "the outpouring of the people in this area is incredible." Schrader thanked the numerous people who volunteered to help search for the dog. Some people went out as early as 1 a.m. Friday to help the Humane Society find her.

"It was a blessing to have all those individuals out there," Schrader said.

Temperatures in the area dropped below freezing Thursday night and plummeted Friday morning, as a wind chill warning went into effect throughout New York. On Facebook, 1,500 people shared the humane society's initial post with the security footage, and the post had generated 418 comments as of Friday afternoon, with many people offering to go out and help look for the dog.

Schrader said the dog, who has since been named Miracle, was found down near the canal in Mohawk and has since been in the care of the Humane Society.

What's next

Staff members have been slowly warming Miracle's paws and fur by wrapping her up in warmer and warmer towels. Schrader said she will likely need surgery as a result of being hit by the car, and that the society has contacted a veterinarian to take a look at her.

The Herkimer County Humane Society has contacted the authorities and intend to prosecute the person who abandoned the dog Thursday. Schrader said he planned to discuss the matter with New York State Police later on Friday and that he also plans on reaching out to the Herkimer County District Attorney Jeff Carpenter to see what charges could be pressed.

"This is not acceptable in my county," Schrader said.

Animal abandonment is a misdemeanor charge in New York, with penalties ranging from up to a year in jail, to a $1,000 fine, or both. Schrader said the shelter is looking to set up a GoFundMe page to assist with the necessary legal fees.

Miracle's road to recovery

Over the weekend, the Humane Society entered Miracle into veterinary care. In a post made to their Facebook page on Sunday, the Humane Society revealed that Miracle is around 6 years old and has suffered from overbreeding and a lack of prior veterinary care. She is currently suffering from Lyme disease and fleas, and will undergo mammary surgery and spay once further along in her recovery.

Schrader said that what happened to Miracle is very likely the result of a puppy mill or backdoor breeder, and said that it makes the prosecution of her previous owner even more important, because they could be doing it to other dogs too.

"They don't care about the wellbeing of the animals," said Schrader. "They just care about the dollar signs."

The Humane Society's Facebook page has set up a Donate function, and have raised $8,245 so far. The Humane Society have stated that a portion of these funds will help go towards the prosecution of Miracle's previous owner. Schrader also said that the Humane Society is offering a $4,000 reward for anybody who can positively identify the person.

You can find their page here, and click on the Donate button to contribute.

This article originally appeared on Times Telegram: Facebook video showing abandoned dog rallies NY village to find her