Dog at animal shelter to receive life-changing surgery

GREAT NEWS: A dog at a Long Island animal shelter that couldn't be adopted due to a heart defect has found his forever home after receiving life-changing surgery.

Video Transcript

- Speaking of dogs, tonight in the holiday spirit of kindness, this time for a dog raised only for breeding and treated like no living creature should be.

- A severe heart condition has kept him from being adopted to a good home. But now a veterinarian in Long Island hoping that will soon change with a life-saving surgery.

- Here's Kristin Thorne.

DENISE VIBAL: He's a snorter. He's a snorer.


KRISTIN THORNE: And he's all love.

DENISE VIBAL: He's definitely a shelter favorite.

KRISTIN THORNE: Kobe, a three-year-old English bulldog pit bull mix has spent the last year of his life at the Smithtown Animal Shelter. Someone brought him in because they knew he was living in this small box. He was going to be used for breeding. Right away, people wanted to adopt him, but there was a big drawback. Kobe has a serious heart defect.

DENISE VIBAL: When they hear that his life could be cut short because of his heart, that's usually when people take a step back.

KRISTIN THORNE: The problem, though, can be fixed. And Dr. Josh Morgenstern at Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island is going to assist in that.

JOSH MORGENSTERN: We have the opportunity to help, especially when it comes to our shelter dogs because we know that it's the difference between life and death for them. So we do our best wherever we can.

KRISTIN THORNE: Next month, Morgenstern will perform surgery on Kobe's heart to open up a fused valve. It means Kobe could have a normal life span.

JOSH MORGENSTERN: So my hope is that we can get him out of the severe range as far as his pressure gradient than this disease goes towards mild or moderate, where dogs with mild to moderate [INAUDIBLE] typically live a normal life.

KRISTIN THORNE: Even after the surgery, Kobe will continue to have to take his blood pressure medication, eye drops. And he'll have to see a cardiologist pretty often. So they are looking for the right family to adopt him.

DENISE VIBAL: He has nothing but love to give, so we would love to hook him up with a wonderful family.

KRISTIN THORNE: That is going to be one lucky family.