Dog Attack Inside Miami Cafe Caught On Video

Dog attack inside Miami coffee shop leads to injuries to other dog, owner.

Video Transcript

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: All new at 6:00, disturbing video of a dog attack caught on camera at a Miami coffee shop. The dog owners quick thinking saved his pet, but the rescue came at a price. Good evening. I'm Eliott Rodriguez.

LAUREN PASTRANA: And I'm Lauren Pastrana. That pet owner, getting hurt when he stepped in to stop the attack.

- Now, he has a message for the other owner. He says, he just walked away. CBS 4's Austin Carter is live in Miami with the story. Austin?

AUSTIN CARTER: Eliott, this all going down inside the Aroma Espresso Bar here behind me on Northeast 16th Street near 1st Avenue in Edgewater. It's all happening last Friday. Now, this attack lasted mere seconds, but the victim's owner tells me, it felt like an eternity.

A quick run for a cup of joe, turning into a vicious attack with a dog who would not let go. The whole thing, caught on camera. Zachary Jefferson, jumping into action to save his dog, Luna.

- All I could see was black in the dog's eyes.

- Zachary, quickly trying to pry the dogs apart, but the other was relentless.

- And that very instinct moment, I was like, OK, this is like, I'm either going to lose her in my arms. Or I'm going to do whatever it takes to get her free.

- Zachary tried to make sense of what just happened. Surveillance cameras show another man carry the dog that attacked Luna, out, and not look back.

- You are a complete coward for just walking out like that and not even asking, if I'm OK, and let alone my dog. So shame on you.

- Zachary rushed Luna to the vet, where two wounds were stitched up.

- If my car could grow wings, I think I would have flown there.

- Zachary was also injured. He says, that dog bit one of his fingers. Luna and Zachary are now back home, recovering, both in playful spirits. Zachary posted the video of the attack on TikTok. The post getting over one million likes.

He says, the GoFundMe created to help with those unexpected medical bills for Luna's injuries surpassed its goal thanks to the post. Zachary is still processing what happened, eternally grateful to still have Luna. I thought we had a bond before, but like, this has brought us so much closer. And I just want to bring awareness to the fact that this could have happened to a smaller dog or a child.

AUSTIN CARTER: And Miami PD is looking into this. Zachary is hoping, if you recognize this dog, or its owner, or presumed owner rather, that you will give police a call. We are live in Miami. I'm Austin Carter, CBS 4 News.