Dog the Bounty Hunter Tests Came Back 'All Clear' After Hospitalization

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Dog the Bounty Hunter, and his family, are breathing a sigh of relief after it was determined he did not have a full-blown heart attack during a scary medical emergency.

Sources close to the bounty hunter tell The Blast, Chapman underwent a series of tests after he was hospitalized, including an angiogram to determine if he had suffered a heart attack.

We're' told the angiogram "came back all clear" and it was determined Dog will not need corrective surgery on his heart.


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He Still Needs More Tests

However, doctors could not rule out the occurrence of some sort of cardiac episode, and wanted to keep Dog around for a few more tests.

One of the main things being blamed for the episode is high blood pressure and stress, as the star has been burning the candle at both ends as he continues to mourn his late wife Beth Chapman, while launching his new reality show.

The Scary Incident

As we reported, Dog began to experience symptoms over the weekend that were in line with a possible heart attack, including sweating and chest pains, and was rushed to a Colorado hospital ASAP.

His family rushed to be by his side, and have continued to support the patriarch of the family since the incident.

Family & Fans Give Support

Dog's daughter, Bonnie Chapman, publicly rallied for her father by posting a never-before-seen throwback photo and telling the star, "Love you, pops."

Fans of Dog also took to social media, praying for his recovery and giving his family love and support.

It's unclear when Dog will be released from the hospital, but one thing's for sure -- this doesn't get any bad guys off the hook.

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