Dog found herding sheep 2 days after being ejected in collision: ‘He’ll herd anything’

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A dog ejected during a collision in Idaho last weekend was miraculously found two days later, this time herding sheep.

Linda Oswald and her family began searching for Tilly, a 2-year-old border collie and red heeler mix, after the pup was ejected from their GMC Yukon in a collision just before noon local time last Sunday, The Spokesman-Review reported.

The pooch was miraculously unharmed when he was propelled through the opening of the car’s rear window but was nowhere to be found, even when several strangers pulled over to help look for him, the outlet reports.

Sunday’s roughly 10-hour search — which left the family “sore and exhausted” — didn’t turn up Tilly, who as it turned out, hadn’t bothered sticking around near the accident site, according to the outlet.

Tilly’s family posted on Facebook in the hopes of eventually locating the precious pup, and, thanks to be sharing by more than 3,000 people, the plan worked, noted the outlet.

The Potter family found Tilly on their farm, about 1½ miles from where the collision occurred, and initially mistook him as their Australian shepherd Hooey, Tyler Potter and her brother Travis Potter told the paper.

Noting the dog’s coat looked different, and the pooch wasn’t acting the same, Travis’ brother Zane Potter realized who the pup really was and handed him off to a local Sheriff’s Office deputy who was already out searching for Tilly, the outlet reports.

Noting some of the family’s sheep were found near the road the morning the Potters found Tilly, Travis told the paper: “I think that dog was trying to herd.”

Oswald is certain that’s what the dog was up to.

“He’ll herd anything,” Oswald told the outlet of her dog. “When I go to the dog park, he tries to herd the people into one group.”

She believes the isolation characteristic of the pandemic helped push people to help look for Tilly, who was returned to the family late Tuesday morning, according to the paper. Either way, Oswald told The Spokesman-Review, she so appreciates them doing so.

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