You and Your Dog Can Match All the Time with These Comfy Hoodies Made for Humans and Pets

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Courtesy PrettyLittleThing

Now, pet owners can wow the crowds in their living room with matching loungewear made for dogs and pup parents.

PrettyLittleThing has released several new hoodies that come with smaller versions for canines if you are interested in twinning with your pet.

Whether you are taking a casual yet chic stroll to the dog park or wanting to feel more bonded to your pup while you binge TV on the couch, there is a matching hoodie set for that.

Cat owners, take note! These dog hoodies come in sizes that fit felines too.

PrettyLittleThings is offering these human and pet hoodie combos in three different colors.

Courtesy PrettyLittleThing

There's the Black Ultimate Oversized Hoodie for humans ($23.00) that pairs perfectly with the posh Black Doggy Hoodie ($10.00).

Courtesy PrettyLittleThing

There's the Red Embroidered Oversized Hoodie ($25.00) and the Red Doggy Hoodie ($10.00) combo for those looking for something rosier.

Courtesy PrettyLittleThing

And finally, for orange fans, there is the Chestnut Badge Detail Oversized Hoodie, which pairs adorably ($25.00) with the Orange Doggy Hoodie ($11.00).

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All of the hoodies come in sizes XS-XL for humans and S-L for pets.

In just a few clicks, you and your furry friends can be on your way to a coordinated sofa session.