A dog named Riley saw a bear in his neighbor's backyard in New Jersey. He wasn't scared

Jordan Culver
A New Jersey man captured video of his neighbor's dog chasing a bear out of his backyard.

A New Jersey man is ready to buy his neighbor's dog a special treat after the dog rushed into his backyard to chase off a bear. 

Mark Stinziano's backyard security camera captured video of a bear that had knocked over a bird feeder and was eating its contents. The dog, Riley, then pops into the frame after coming through Stinziano's fence. He charges and collides with the bear and relentlessly chases it out of the backyard. 

Stinziano posted the video to Facebook on Tuesday and said Riley is a dog that "comes to check on the kids from time to time." The video had about 9,000 views as of Wednesday night. 

"I was working in the garage,” Stinziano said in an interview with WPVI-TV in Philadelphia. “My wife was inside just watching TV and the bear was back here having a snack.” 

He added he had no idea the bear was in his backyard. 

Alan Tlusty, Riley's owner, said his dog "does chase after the bear whenever he sees him in the yard ... but not like this."

Stinziano said he's buying Riley a steak dinner. 

"Riley-1, Bear-0" Stinziano wrote on Facebook. 

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: New Jersey man posts video of dog chasing bear out of his backyard