Dog owner grovels to family after his two Staffies maul cat to death in the street

David Harding
The horrifying attack and its aftermath (SWNS)

A dog owner fell to his knees and grovelled after his two dogs ripped a cat apart in front of the pet moggy’s horrified family.

The man is seen apologising to the family and falling on his knees in front of Sharon Boalch and her daughter Shakira Jefferies' eyes after their cat Cleo was mauled in front of their home.

The shocking footage of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers attacking the cat was captured on a doorbell camera.

The owner can be heard telling the pair: "I was in the park and my dogs were following a black cat and they killed him.

“I was going to take him to the vet."

Sharon Boalch and daughter Shakira Jefferies (SWNS)

Shakira, 16, can be seen bursting into tears after her beloved pet was killed.

The incident happened in Brickfields, Worcester last week.

"I was in the front room as it was happening,” said Shakira.

"I didn't realise it was Cleo until a neighbour knocked on the door and asked if our cat was black and white.

"I collapsed on the floor screaming. I wish I'd helped her. I'd have rather been injured by the dogs than to lose my cat.

She added: "She didn't deserve to die the way she did. I just want my cat back."

Cleo the cat (SWNS)

Her mother said: "My daughter could hear all this commotion.

“She ran outside and saw what happened and came running to me in the back garden, screaming.

"I was sat on the doorstep crying and I had my daughter in my arms. It was awful. I cried all night. I can't get it out of my head.

Footage of Sharon Boalch and Shakira Jefferies when they realise that their cat Cleo was mauled to death on the driveway of their home in Worcester (SWNS)

“The footage clearly shows the dogs were out of control and going wild. These were big dogs. They should be muzzled."

She claimed the family had not heard anything back from the dog owner, despite him saying he would take Cleo to the vet.

She has also contacted local vets in the area but none reported having Cleo brought in, meaning the family do not know where Cleo's body is.

Mrs Boalch added:""We can't even bury her to say goodbye. We are devastated and my daughter won't stop crying."

Footage of the dog owner whose two Staffordshire Bull Terriers mauled Cleo to death (SWNS)

Shakira’s step-dad, Ian, 56, watched the footage following the attack and said the dogs were off their lead and jumped onto Cleo unprovoked.

He said: "She didn’t have a chance. She was torn into pieces.

“I am so angry. I’d like to see him prosecuted. Any dog that is capable of doing that should be muzzled.”

West Mercia Police confirmed the incident was reported to them on June 20.

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