Dog owners donate blood to help shortage in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok (KFOR) — There’s been a shortage of blood in the state and with the recent winter weather affecting roads, appointments to donate were canceled. The shortage could soon heavily impact hospitals.

Today, dog owners from around the metro donated blood at Bar K while their furry friends let out some energy.

Arctic blast leaves Oklahoma with critical blood shortage

Our Blood Institute set up a mobile bus outside Bar K to help lower the blood shortage in the state.

“It really helps if we can go to where people are. So coming here makes it fun and different for our donors to donate” said Melissa Santoro, the Our Blood institute Recruitment Manager.

Santoro said the cold weather has played a major part on the blood supply in the state.

“It really has a negative impact on the blood supply….blood drive cancellations, school cancellations, it really takes us some time to rebuild out of that hole,” said Santoro.

Our Blood Institute said they need 1,200 units of blood per day to support local hospitals.

“Each person will provide one unit of blood. So we need 1,200 blood donors every day across our network,” said Santoro.

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That may seem like a lot, but Melissa also said one person’s blood donation helps three patients.

“I’m actually one of the what types that can be donated to anybody. So I tend to come in regularly as much as I can to do that,” said Alix Scott who was donating blood.

For people like Alix, donating blood is important to helping others in the state.

“I am actually a nurse, so I get to see firsthand, like, how it works and, like, why people need it and how limited it is,” said Scott.

If you missed the donation event at Bar K, but still want to set up a time to donate blood to local patients, go to Our Blood Institute’s website to find where the next mobile bus will be set up.

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