Dog with a ‘penchant for kisses’ lands back at NC shelter. She needs another home

A “sweet” shelter dog spent 650 days waiting for a new owner — but the situation didn’t work out.

Now, Chiquitita is back at the Watauga Humane Society and needs another home, the North Carolina animal rescue said Feb. 11 in a Facebook post.

“We strongly believe that there is the right home for every shelter pet out there, but we also know that there is the wrong home for them as well,” the rescue wrote. “Not every pairing is a perfect match.”

Chiquitita’s journey with the rescue started in March 2022, when another animal shelter was getting crowded. She was scared in the shelter environment and eventually split her time between the humane society’s adoption center and a foster home, McClatchy News reported.

Chiquitita, who became the humane society’s longest canine resident, was known for enjoying strolls and having a “penchant for kisses.” She also was described in online posts as a “sweet” dog believed to be about 12 years old.

“(Pit bulls) already have a hard time getting adopted but to make things more interesting and challenging, she also must be the only pet in the home,” the rescue wrote. “With odds stacked against her, she pulled through and was adopted back in December, just in time for the holidays.”

But eventually, Chiquitita’s new owner had trouble caring for her and made the difficult decision to return her to the humane society.

“It’s important not to shame that person; being in the wrong home is just as detrimental to anyone’s overall mental health and wellness as being at the shelter,” the animal rescue wrote.

As of Feb. 11, Chiquitita was in need of a new place to live out her days as a senior dog. More details about the rescue’s adoption process can be found at

The Watauga Humane Society didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on Feb. 12. The rescue is in Boone, a popular mountain town roughly 80 miles west of Winston-Salem.

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