Dog Rescued From Burning Home in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City firefighters sprung into action on December 8, carrying a dog trapped in a burning house out to safety.

Helmet-camera footage released by the Oklahoma City Fire Department (OCFD) captures firefighters entering the smoke-filled home and rescuing the dog.

“Those who have pets understand how important they are to people,” OCFD wrote on Facebook. “They’re like family.”

No one was injured in the blaze, the fire department said. Credit: Oklahoma City Fire Department via Storyful

Video Transcript


- East 77th. 10th.

- We're in line for 10th. Everyone's alive.

- Your incident has been updated.

- One four levels one.



- We still don't know if there-- if there's some dogs inside. I haven't got anything else for you. Let me start my 360 here.



- It's in the attic, boys!

- Do we know if kids were in here? What?

- Whole ceiling right here! So get ready to cancel it!

- Clear, H10, go ahead and give it that charge then. H14, on water inside here, go through and back up. H22, you're in charge of the fire tech crew. And you've got your full team with you.


- Fire tech to command, clear on fire tech group. I've made access to the-- to this [INAUDIBLE]. I have this level cornered.


I have ceiling temp is 300 degrees. We've got water on the fire. And it looks like it's on the positive--


- Hey, Ray We got a dog over here!

- All right, bring it out.

- OK!

- Hey, just a warning, all.

- Oh, that's a table.


- Hey. Hey. Hey. You OK, buddy? Is this the back door?

- We got reports there could be a dog in the kitchen area. You got somebody you can send over there to give a quick search?

- It's at the perimeter. We've located the dog. It's a white pit bull. We'll bring him out. It's still inside.