Dog Stuck In Tree Rescued By Firefighters After Squirrel-Chasing Mishap

Talk about barking up the wrong tree.

An Idaho fire department successfully rescued a pet from a tree this week with one unusual detail ― the stuck animal was a dog.

“Well, definitely not a cat in a tree,” the Caldwell Fire Department wrote, accompanying photos of the canine sitting in the branches and a firefighter carrying him down.

Izzy the dog before his rescue from the tree.
Izzy the dog before his rescue from the tree.

Izzy the dog before his rescue from the tree.

The dog’s name is Izzy, his owner Christina Danner said in the comments. He got up there while chasing a squirrel, though Danner noted he was “never even close” to catching it.

“Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels,” wrote the fire department. They noted that Izzy was now safe and sound.

Though firefighters are often associated with rescuing cats from trees, whether they’ll actually do so depends on the fire department and the circumstances. Last year, a cat named Hank in Washington, D.C., made headlines after being stuck in a 60-foot-tall tree for five days.

In Hank’s case, the city fire department said they couldn’t help him. Ultimately, workers with the animal welfare nonprofit Humane Rescue Alliance were able to rig a contraption using ropes and a crate to get the cat down.

“Cats have an amazing ability to climb up trees,” the Humane Rescue Alliance’s Dan D’Eramo told The Washington Post at the time, “but actually, they aren’t that good at climbing down.”